Hair Mousse, how 80s: LUCIDO-L Designing Whip Hair Foam Clear Wave Review

Regular readers may know I have a massive soft spot for Lucido-L Japanese hair styling products because they are so good, and so light on the hair. None of this grease and weighing down business!

I bought this Lucido-L Mousse because I haven’t had a mousse for ages! Remember how crispy it used to make your hair? Crunch!

I much prefer styling sprays.

This mousse or hair foam is great for creative waves and controls humidity. It should be applied to damp hair and can be scrunched (eek!) to create nice curls!


So I am partial to my waves so I tried this product out.

Whilst it’s a nice feeling mousse; light and non sticky, I did think it was a tiny bit crunchy. For scrunching hair I really prefer their Pump Hair Jelly Bounce which has a nicer texture and is non crunchy and hydrates the hair and tames frizz.


You only need a golf ball size for medium length hair!


I dunno. I guess I am just not too impressed by this mousse; it’s not that great for styling, it’s not that great for scrunching. So what’s left for it to do. I guess if you are big fan of mousse this one is quite food and non sticky but for me, it’s a bit blah.

Lucido-L’s aqua hair curl lotion by the way, is brilliant if you are going to curl your hair!

I bought this from Alphabeauty on eBay.

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  1. says

    im a big fan of lucidol! for the smell and its products, although they speciallize for curly hairs..i think it is also great for pre-heat conditioner!

    xoxo elle