Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion Airy for Bouncy Curly Hair

I have heard so many amazing Lucido-L hair styling products (a Japanese range) that I decided to purchase one of their best selling products, the Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion.

LUCIDO-L _ PRODUCTS _ Hair Lotion _ Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion <Airy>.jpg” border=”0″ width=”333″ height=”434″/></div> <p>From flicking through my Japanese beauty magazines, they seem to have a lot of loose wavy hair styles – pretty and casual too. </p> <p>The Lucido-L Curl lotion is to be used before curling the hair and has a non sticky, no crispy finish. It also prevents frizz, staving off humidity (which you need in hot countries!).</p> <div style=LUCIDO-L _ HAIR DESIGN LIBRARY.jpg

You get 180ml of product in the cute pink spray. There’s a light floral scent to it.

lucido-l design aqua curl cream.jpg

I love lightly wavy-curly hair although I struggle getting the perfect look. I like using conical wands and traditional hair curlers, I ADORE my hot rollers but I don’t normally have time to use them.

I also like small rubber curlers because I can stick them in my hair then just leave them in – I tend to air dry my hair most of the time anyway.
What impressed me the most with this spray is that its really not sticky at all. Its sooooo lovely to use and it protects the hair from the heat too.

lucido curl spray.jpg

I’ve noticed a lot of Asian products have English instructions on the back too, which is very considerate.

lucido curl spray keeper japanese curl product.jpg

Here’s a guide on the site on how to use the spray:


I am so impressed with this product I have ordered some hair wax and creams from the Lucido-L range. I like products that work well, feel light and must by 100% NON CRISPY! Or Greasy. Or Sticky.

I have real trouble finding styling products in the UK that 100% work for me regardless of how much it cost, so perhaps this is the range I have been looking for!

I bought this from eBay seller: Alphabeautyshop for about £8 – very reliable even though his stuff takes 10-14 days to arrive (Adambeauty takes 5, Strawberrynet takes 3-5 days).

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  1. says

    OOOH this sounds like the product ive been after! ive got really straight hair and when i curl my hair i often use products meant to help with those curls but they always make my hair feel like they have too much product on. Damn those japanese products and their amazing abilities!

  2. says

    why does this product sound like it’s sent from God? I’ve been trying to achieve that hairstyle for AGES, and I fail every time. Maybe this is the answer haha xD

  3. Caroline says

    mm, I have this too :D. Bought it from my trip in hong kong last year in Summer. I LOVE IT. I curl my hair before I sleep and use this, and when I wake up and throughout the whole day my hair actually stays curled. I actually love this product :3.

  4. chocolate cosmos says

    oooh, I want to buy this now so badly!! hehehe, I am going to go broke if I keep reading your blog!!!

  5. says

    I use this – my HG curling spray stuff!! I wish I picked up more bottles whilst i was holidaying in HK but so glad u posted up an alternative link 😀 Will buy after I move to my new house (always a hassle buying something that’ll take a good two weeks or so when you’re stressed out and moving!!) 😛 xxx

  6. says

    My hair is naturally very curly so this isn’t needed for me, however I had to comment because the model is uber pretty!

    • Row says

      Hi Shadow

      My best friend at school had the tightest curls! I wish I had them but I know they were a struggle for her!