Lovely Blogs

I was completely inspired by Karen at the gorgeous Make Up & Beauty Blog. Karen did her 43 Make Up Items she was thankful for, followed by the 43 non make up related things she was grateful for. I wish we had something similar in the UK! (But maybe something other than Turkey. I big fat duck or something.)

This time of year can easily get you down since it gets dark quickly, gets cold easily, and is that time when you reflect on all the things that have come to pass, good and bad.

On top of that, Christmas has become a big stress for most people – buying presents, spending money, the relatives, etc. etc. It would be nice to have something that is less consumerist and more about being grateful and contemplative (that’s my perception of Thanksgiving anyway!)

Coming up…my 30 thankful for beauty items…(I don’t have the stamina of Karen, k?!)

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