Love it! RMK Massage Balm Circulating & Refreshing Massage Treatment Review

A few weeks ago I went to the RMK counter near me, and Eva Gormoriova, leading RMK make up artist gave me a little facial massage before the make over.

She used the RMK Massage Balm to do the very relaxing and lovely facial massage. I am all into massage as long as I am on the receiving end (well, apart from the cats – the cats get paw massages) and Mr C gets a few massages (bald spot prevention).

I dislike massage oils for home use though – messy, messy, messy. Massage gels are so-so. A good massage balm that isn’t too greasy is tricky to find. Ta-Da! I have RMK Massage Balm:


They say:

This massage balm blends in the skin for a glowing, supple touch. By promoting the blood circulation, it unwinds the skin from fatigue and stress, and rids toxins that resulted in dullness and swelling. It awakens and revives the skin’s innate ability to restore the firmness and radiance of the skin.

It is SO good…You get a small massage mitt and a clear spatula with the balm. There’s quite a detailed leaflet with the product so you can find out the best ways to massage your face with the mitt or indeed, how to give a massage to someone else.

The massage balm contains things like jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sage extract. I have a big weakness for ‘savoury’ herbal smells in aromatherapy, such as basil and sage.

To me this balm smells somewhat citrusy-herby. It’s not too feminine, not too masculine. It’s not at all overpowering (which is how I find a lot of aromatherapy products – they give me a headache) and it’s very relaxing.


The balm itself is quite firm then it melts with your body heat. You only need a little scoop – as my skin is quite dry it sucked it up! So 2 scoops for drier skin! After doing the massage, you can leave it on overnight and it really hydrates the skin.

There are lots of different ways to do the massage but I noticed that a lot of it is focused around the chin and jawline and under the cheekbone and of course the temples. It took me about 5 minutes to do the massage – my skin looked brighter and just a bit more perky afterwards.


Mr C is also a fan of this product since I was practising my facial massage skills and he likes it!

You can of course use a cream, balm, oil to do a massage instead if you want.

My skin is dry and sensitive so I can’t mess about with too many products because I will break out quickly. So for me this RMK massage balm is worth the price as I had no break outs from it and it’s doesn’t clog my pores or leave a greasy slick on my skin.

I believe you can buy this product from Beauty Bay for £32 (not an affiliate link btw, but I have used Beauty Bay before and they are reliable and quick!) or from RMK counters.

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  1. Jen says

    Ahhhhhh yes, I LOVE this massage balm!! I took one sniff of it at the RMK counter and HAD to buy it lol I find it just perfect for quenching my skin at night so it’s always lovely and plump in the morning after I use it, and it’s not too greasy like some balms can be and is more or less all absorbed by my skin. It provides the right amount of “lubrication” for me to carry out the facial massages, I also do the Gankin massage techniques with it. I tend to alternate this at night with the RMK Recovery gel as intensive treatments…balm for when I have dry skin and the gel for when I need a bit of brightening :) Glad someone else loves this balm as much as me lol