Love it! Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes and Melty Fix Cheek Haul

Esprique Precious, a fabulous Japanese make up brand was renamed Esprique a while back and I didn’t really buy anything from the range until now.

I was suckered in by the elegant look of this collection and purchased one eyeshadow palette, in A4 and two of the melty cheek blush sticks – these are uncommon in Japanese make up ranges.


I got two melty fix cheek blushers in BE300 which is a beige I thought I could use as a contour and PK800 which is a rosy pink. On the website it shows using both shades together, the BE300 as a contour and the PK800 on the apple of the cheek…I will do FOTD’s with these eventually, please bear with me!

This is the packaging – it’s not heavyweight as I thought it would be but I still love the cushion look!


A4 is a odd choice for me – the first 3 palettes are all browns and soft pink, A5 is a green (which I have coming in the post!). A4 is a neutral – and I mean super neutral taupe/beige palette. It is quite shimmery:


As expected this palette shows a graduation of colours – it’s very natural but surprisingly pretty! I wanted this as a work day palette and it totally works for that purpose.

The texture is quite nice, medium pigmented and has a fine shimmer although she shade at the side is more glittery.



Melty Cheek Blushers – in very handy sized swivel sticks:


In comparison to Nars Multiples, I would say these are less oily (Multiples can give me break outs) and dry to more of a powdery finish. As a result they are quite good at staying put (not brilliant but good) and give a very very natural glowy finish (bearing in mind I am quite naturally tan).

It’s super easy to blend into the skin too, no horrid streaks or overdoing it. I’d say if you are darker than me at NC35 then it may barely show up on you.


Swatches – the pink is the perfect pink and the beige is surprisingly wearable, and works as a super natural contour. Also unlike Nars there’s no hideous glitter or OTT metallic streaks as there is with some Multiples:


There’s only 4 shades of this blush (there’s also a rose and red). I am tempted by the red for something totally different.


What a pretty elegant range – totally recommend it in fact I have another eyeshadow and 2 of the lip glosses coming!

Check out the range on It’s not cheap though, I paid £23 per blush and £24 for the eyeshadow palette.

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  1. says

    now I want the blush; it sounds so nice and usable. Good for travelling. Although I don’t need any more blush… Argh, heh.
    Pink and rose sound nice though.
    How do you find the lasting power?