Love it! Covergirl Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Pearl for Brown Eyes Review

Oh my days – Covergirl.

That is a brand I haven’t touched for quite a while. See, they pulled out of the UK market years ago but whilst they are still thriving in the US, this brand has almost entirely non existent blighty.

(Remember Covergirl Clean Makeup?! It was the FIRST foundation I ever bought and it smelt so artificial and was really orange!). The gorgeous Nikki Taylor was the spokesperson back then – when models didn’t look like they came from Jupiter.

Anyway, I bought Covergirl’s Exact Eyelights Mascara from eBay (where else?):


The premise behind this mascara is that it has a metallic edge to it, which compliments the wearer’s natural eye colour. This makes the white of your eyes look whiter and it comes with a non clumping brush.

I bought Black Pearl 720 which is recommended for brown eyes – it’s a soft black with a silvery metallic touch:


You get it in cardboard packaging and everything! I like the way the brush is kept separate from from the tube so you get to see it clearly and in a clean state. The tube comes with a protective cover you can throw away after cracking it open…

This eyelights mascara also comes with a rubber brush, the kind of non clumping kind:


Here are the other colours in the range and how they flatter the eye colours:


This mascara is waterproof which is a bonus for me. To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much – I just wanted to try Covergirl make up again. I don’t generally speaking, have any success with drugstore mascaras, unless it’s Japanese ones


Here’s a look at the mascara – it’s a good black and you can see the pearl in it. I do find it hard to see how such a small addition would make the eyes pop so much?


Anyway, so I give this mascara a whirl. And my verdict is…it’s a pretty damn good mascara! One of the best cheap drugstore level ones I have ever tried!

For one thing, the formula is quite light and used alongside their mascara brush, the finish is smooth and the lashes are separated. No heaviness involved:


Amazingly enough, this mascara also held curl. Most mascara’s I use weight my lashes down almost immediately – unfortunately my lashes are short and quite fine. Mascara’s that keep them, erm, erect, are few and far between.

But this did! Amazing! I also think it added a nice (not overly dramatic) amount of volume and length:


I’m not convinced that the pearl element necessarily made my eyes pop though? Not entirely sure – my eyes do look whiter than normal in these photos, I think, but I wouldn’t buy this mascara purely based on the whole eyelights concept…

In terms of it being Waterproof (I am also less convinced of this quality in Western branded drugstore mascara’s as I find they run on me) – actually this stuff was pretty steadfast. Took a while to take off with no running – just a tiny smidgen of flaking towards the end of the day.


This costs around $6 in US drugstores and I paid about £7 for it including shipping on eBay.


– Adds length and subtle volume

– Is Waterproof

– Cheap

– Brightens the eye a bit

– No clumping

– Holds curl. Wow!


– Slight flaking at the end of the day

– Needs good eye make up remover

– May not be enough volume for some users

I have to say this is an EXCELLENT mascara. I think it leaves lashes looking long, dark, it holds curl, it gives a nice separated look to lashes. When I go to the US one of these days, I will definitely seek this mascara out.

Ooh it’s Nikki!

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  1. says

    I am such a mascara fanatic! Have you tried one of those mascaras where you apply the mascara and then apply some fluff on the mascara before it dries, and then apply some more mascara (if that makes sense)?

    I love those! If you haven’t yet, you must! They are fantastical! And if you have, what did you think of them?

  2. Mari says

    I LOVE this mascara, have the regular formula and the waterproof one as a backup. My lashes look like falsies, without a curler or anything!!