Louise Gray Nail Polish in Hat Trick Swatch

Mannn, I am late with this.  Sorry. But this nail polish is too pretty not to share!

From the Louise Gray for Topshop collection is this bright but sort of snotty looking green glittery polish. Online it seems to be sold out now – it is quite unique – so I will guard this polish! 

Louise Gray Topshop Nail Polish Glitter

Topshop make up has been doing a lot right lately, I am actually excited to hear about each new collection.  On the downside, it ain’t cheap considering it’s a store brand, but then again, Topshop itself isn’t that cheap.

The glitter in this is quite fine and I found it really easy to apply. I thought one coat was decent but two coats of course, makes it even better.

Louise Gray Topshop Nail Polish Glitter Hat Trick

On some skintones, I wonder if this would look too snotty? Or make the nails look a bit stained?

Either way, I love it but then I have a real soft spot for Topshop polishes already.

This polish cost me £6.50.

What do you think of Topshop make up?

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  1. Lucie says

    Be very careful while recommending this product.
    I purchased the Hat trick from TOPSHOP 3 weeks ago and used it once for ONE day. I thought it looked nice and stunning, brilliant idea.Had a nasty surprise when I removed it : the product was very difficult to remove (almost painful) and my nails were stained in some sort of neon flashy yellow. To this date, my nails are still permanently stained and I’ve been hiding my natural nail colors because of the embarrassment it causes.it was confirmed by a gp this is no nail disease or allergic reaction, just poor product damaging nail by substances used. Maybe I am one in ten having experiencing this but this is serious enough not to recommend on blogs, or with warning. I will bring the matter to customer service hoping to have a reply. Be aware 😉