LOTD: Chanel Aqualumiere High Shine Concentrate Lip Gloss in Freeze

There is a reason why I eventually ended up with my first ever Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss.

Aqualumiere Lip Gloss.jpg

I visited a counter about a week ago where an extremely pretty (and slightly familiar Chanel SA) served me. She had that Angelina-esque-pillowy-lip look about her, and for a few moments I had doubts about my sexuality.

Anyway I couldn’t go without asking her what lip gloss she was wearing and she waved it in my face prettily (but gave me the wrong name – “Brilliant” she said – but that’s what it says on the bottom of all these glosses – d’oh).

A few days later, I was pathetically sad and bought two No. 17 eyeshadows (200 points with each purchase, ha!) in order to get enough Boots points to claim* this beauty:

Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss Extreme Freeze 66 Lip Gloss.jpg

*(I swear it makes sense. Boots Points manipulation is a fine art but it worked out as spending £10 on two No. 17 trios and getting the Chanel lip gloss for free vs. Spending £18 on one Chanel lipgloss and getting an earful from the Mr.)

So looking at this lipgloss in its rather lovely tube, I wasn’t blown away. It just looks like your average shimmery nude beige type shade (I bought Freeze No. 66 – the closest thing to a beige nude).

Chanel Lip Gloss Aqualumiere Freeze Nude Beige .jpg

Even when I swatched it on my hand I wasn’t blown away. See, on a Chanel counter I am likely to waddle towards the base products, Rouge Coco’s or the Glossimers just because they are more sparkly! Why pay nearly £20 for a gloss that looks quite dull?

I really don’t really do those kind of sheer, unpigmented, non-descript glosses.

They say:

Brush on the exquisite, water-light look of this ingenious lipgloss and discover perfect comfort in a sheer wash of colour. Making this a must-have for every lipgloss lover: a mirror-like shine that gives lips a fuller, more sensual look with the precision and ease of the built-in brush applicator.

If it all went wrong at least I didn’t completely pay for it, right?

Chanel Lip Gloss Aqualumiere Freeze 66 Nude Gloss.jpg

So I applied it, and it it was like, instant, instant love. *thud* A bit like seeing my Angelina girl on Chanel.

The winner here is the sheen it left on my lips (bear in mind this is my first and only shade so I don’t know how the other colours will look).

The sheen was slightly sparkly, it had a metallic edge sheen (which I usually hate) but it was just spot on. It was enough to look interesting and not dull, but it also made my lips look full and juicy.

The other HUGE winner for me here is the texture of this lip gloss.

On the lips:

Chanel Aqualumiere Lip Gloss in Freeze.jpg

The texture is light (which I usually don’t like) but its incredibly hydrating. Although being a gloss it doesn’t last through a meal, I did feel the hydrating texture of it on my lips even after a few cups of tea.

It feels and looks great on my lips!

I also love the flat brush applicator. It makes application easier and more precise.

Chanel Aqualumiere Nude Beige Lip gloss in Freeze .jpg


A wonderful gloss and I try so many. It makes a change from my usual kooky choices, this is totally wearable, totally comfortable and come pay day I shall be getting a few more Chanel Aqualumiere glosses for my make up bag!

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  1. says

    Is that just the gloss on your lips? I’m assuming it is, because you say if you use more than one product. It looks great, and I’m not usually one for nude lipsticks.

    I love Boots Points maths.

    • Row says

      Hi Grace

      Yes it is, just the gloss on its own 😀

      I drive the MR nuts. Once we kept buying stuff and they kept giving us £5 vouchers so we endedup going round and round and round until they stopped giving me vouchers

  2. Naz says

    I think these are my favourite glosses, I adore the formula. I have quite a few and I definately have my eye on the new Bondi shade that will be out soon, but I think I’ll be checking this one out as well. Thanks Row!

  3. says

    I very nearly caved and bought this one too! I don’t even look at beige nudes at the best of times and like you it was a lovely Chanel SA who steered me in this direction. I didn’t cave that time. I got Camelia Rouge Coco but damn if I don’t cave the next time I pop by that counter! Thanks for the swatches

    • Row says

      Hi Paris

      I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this gloss. The texture just feels perfect to me and I have so many glosses to compare too. I went back and bought Calibri!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness, this *is* really gorgeous!! It does look quite different in the tube, though — and is much prettier on your lips :)

  5. says

    What a fabulous nude look! I must find a duplicate, because chanel prices in Japan are ridiculous. But that is really fantastic on you.