L’oreal Glam Shine Fresh Lip Gloss: Lemon Tonic, Aqua Curacao, Aqua Watermelon for 2011

L’oreal has 7 new shades of Glam Shine Fresh and 5 new shades of Glam Shine 6 Hour Lip gloss and they are very bright, shiny and bold!


If there is one thing I really like about L’oreal lip gloss it is the heart shaped applicator, which fits the lips really nicely.

Here are the shades I was sent to try. I usually go for more pigmented lip gloss but it’s nice to have something that’s a bit different:


It screams fruit bowl to me!The Fresh Lemon Tonic is a bold yellow which is actually quite sheer on but with a yellowish shimmer.

The Shine Fresh 6Hour seems to me to be more pigmented than the Glam Shine Fresh glosses.

Aqua Curacao is a a sheer turquoise, and Aqua Watermelon is a pretty pink.



Lip swatch time!

Lemon Tonic:


Does this lip gloss last 6 hours? It can if you don’t eat or drink. Also with it being a sheer yellow I can’t really say that the colour lasted – there isn’t much pigment – but the texture and shine of the gloss lasts if that makes sense.

Aqua Curacao:


This leaves a very pale sheer icy glow to the lips. Very natural indeed.

Aqua Watermelon:


Once again very sheer, very natural looking. If that is what you are looking for then this gloss is ideal.

Both of the Glam Shine Fresh’s are free of shimmer, whereas the Glam Shine Fresh 6H has shimmer to it.

All the glosses are very glossy and add plumpness to the lips.

Overall I do like these for spring and summer, they’re real no brainer lip glosses.

Glam Shine Fresh is £7.65 each

Glam Shine Fresh 6 Hours is £8.67 each

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  1. Jen says

    I think these are a bit “meh” for me…for £7-8 they don’t seem to do very much, I think I’d be more inclined to spend the dosh on lanolips :)

  2. says

    Love the colours in the bottles…but not on the lips. Never seen the point in a coloured gloss which doesn’t deliver colour!

  3. says

    Ooo.. I like the look of the yellow one in the tube! reminds me of yummy jelly xD However on the lips, I would prefer more colour =(