L’oreal 3 for 2 Haul! Super Liner, Glam Shine Diamantissime and E6 Velours Noir


Every now and then I do a little haul when there’s 3 for 2 in Boots or Superdrug – and in this case, I was looking for the L’oreal Glam Shine Diamantissime lip gloss as I have thing for super duper glittery glosses at this time of year. 

I ended up taking advantage of the 3 for 2 by purchasing an eyeshadow palette and a Super Liner, as I love sponge tipped liquid liners. 

L oreal Paris Make Up Super Liner Glam Shine

I was surprised by how expensive L’oreal is! When I was younger I used to scour the cheaper brand stands and have change from £10 but now, everything is at least £7 a pop! I don’t think it’s that cheap!

Here is the eyeshadow palette I bought – I don’t think I’ve bought a L’oreal eyeshadow…ever?  There wasn’t much left to choose from so I went for this E6 Velours Noir which is a smokey grey/black based palette.

The surface looks very gritty and to feel, it does feel rough at first, but after that initial layer, it’s a surprisingly pigmented eyeshadow – definitely a good product for the price and the colour combination works well.  I still think there is a slightly ‘powdery’ quality to it though, if I were being very critical.


L oreal 3 for 2 Haul Super Liner Glam Shine Diamantissime and E6 Velours Noir 

The liquid eyeliner I’ve had before. It reminds me of Lancome’s Artliner but I’d argue the Lancome has the edge as the sponge applicator is slightly neater and it lasts a bit longer. It’s also dearer though and the L’oreal still performs well.

L oreal 3 for 2 Haul Super Liner Glam Shine and E6 Velours Noir 4

This Super Liner is called Black Crystals so it glitter in it.  I can’t make out the glitter though, it looks more shiny and grey which I don’t like. I also found the applicator more fiddly than it used to by, the sponge was a bit too…hole-y! I couldn’t get a really straight smooth line. 

Glam Shine Diamantissime is the reason I went for this entire haul. 

L oreal 3 for 2 Haul Super Liner Glam Shine and E6 Velours Noir 2

There are many things I like about Glam Shine glosses – the heart shaped applicator, the scent, the texture is fine too and it isn’t too sticky. 

However! I found this disappointingly unglittery. Sometimes I just want something with ridiculous amounts of glitter and I thought this would be that. Unfortunately it ran more clear than glittery for me.  I am still trying to find something that matches up to Dior Sparkle Shine! That was like dunking your face in a bowl of glitter – loved it!

On the lips:

L oreal 3 for 2 Haul Super Liner Glam Shine and E6 Velours Noir 3


L oreal 3 for 2 Haul Super Liner Glam Shine and E6 Velours Noir 1

Verdict: For me, it was a so-so haul because the Diamantissime was not as densely packed with glitter as I wanted from a super duper glittery gloss, the eyeshadow is fine, and the liner is decent but I think the plain black colour is better than this slightly shiny finish one.

 What are your favourites from L’oreal?

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