Look what I won!: Becca Mineral SPF Primer Review

So I never enter Twitter competitions, but very randomly (being a bit silly to be honest) entered one run by Becca – they asked a question; name one of the ingredients in the new Mineral SPF Primer (I said Water!). And some how I won one of the primers!


This SPF 30 primer has an oil-free formulation, a silky matte finish and a cocktail of anti-oxidant vitamins to prime and protect the skin pre-makeup.

BECCA’s Mineral SPF Primer is ideal for use under make-up everyday or at the beach or when playing sports and has been developed using Australian Sunscreen technology.

I am definitely a fan of Becca cosmetics – everything I’ve tried has been high quality and a pleasure to use. And I am a sucker for primers of very kind!
The SPF 30 Mineral Primer comes in a big generous sized tube.

I am up to my eyeballs in primers at the moment, I have ones in every type of consistency but because my skin is dry, I have been using hydrating ones (such as Laura Mercier’s) the most.


Becca’s is a thick white cream – almost a paste. It is THICK. I can tell you now that this is not for everyone, especially those with very oily skin or find it hard to control shine because this primer feels like a significant layer on the skin.

For me – it’s perfect because my skin needs the hydration and protection from the weather!


Spread out – you can see it is thick and you only need a tiny bit.

The smell! It smells like sweets! I can’t put my finger on what sweet it is, it’s possibly a random pick and mix like the one from the cinema – that one that you pick about 4 jelly babies and costs you £50.

If you hate scented stuff on your face and sweet smells prepare to hate this. I love it! It’s like sweety heaven.


Me – scary unmade up face and some primer.


After – I like the result! The white-ness disappears so you don’t look ashy, and it doesn’t leave a horrible residue. Also, it calms down redness, and smooths everything out without being too pore blocking. It also hydrated well.


I do also think it has helped my daily foundation (Diorskin nude) stay in place nicely. Where it normally fades quickly (on my cheeks and chin) it has stayed put. It has the SPF 30 of course, which is a big bonus as I am too lazy to use SPF every day.



This product uses Zinc rather than chemical absorbers too – hence you don’t get that nasty residue some SPF’s can leave on the skin.


Don’t worry I won’t be entering 50 twitter competitions a day now, but I am so glad I won this! It’s a brilliant primer, it’s not like any other one I have in my collection but it seems to do everything. Just be aware that it is quick a thick primer.

This costs £33 if you’re NOT A WINNERRRRRRR!!!!

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  1. Jen says

    Sounds great, I’m all for sweety scents as long as they’re not too overpowering and lingering lol It seems to even out your skin nicely, and I like how aqua is listed as the first ingredient, and it seems to contain some natural ingredients too (conenzyme q10 as well!) which is unusual as most primers I’ve used just have a long list of chemical names!