Look Less Tired!: Pixi Awakening Eye Beauty Kit Review & Bits!

I alerted you all to some Pixi Cosmetics on sale for bargain prices – so here is my haul.

I got 2 lip boosters, a lip liner, a palette called Miracle Velveteen and three Triple Eyeshadows. I think the total was about £35-£40 with shipping.

Warning: Pic Heavy!

Pixi Make Up Velvet lip liner eyeshadow Lip Booster.jpg

Let’s start with palette. This palette is called makeup to wakeup, called miracle velveteen. It comes with a brush too!

Pixi Miracle Velveteen Eye Awkening Palette.jpg

The shades inside the palette are mattes, and are very natural hues. You get everything from white, to peach, to browns and beiges, and of course a dark chocolate to line with.

The texture of the palette is just ok – whilst it isn’t chalky, it isn’t the smoothest matte eyeshadow I have ever tried.

Pixi Eyeshadow Awakening Eye Kit.jpg

On the back of the packet is instructions:

Pixi Awakening eye beauty kit miracle velveteen.jpg

Its basically priming with lid, the using one of the nude shades all over the lid, a brown into the crease the the darkest shade to line. The white can be added to just below the brow bone to highlight too.

There are extra shades in the palette for some variation if you’re feeling saucy.

So I tested out the palette:

No Make Up – oily lid:

Pixi Miracle Velveteen Eyeshadow.jpg

All over nude base:

Pixi Velveteen Eyeshadow Nude Eye Awakening.jpg

A mid brown to contour – excuse my brows which need plucking and my lashes which were funky at the point because my fake ones were starting to fall out:

Pixi Eyeshadow Palette Miracle Velveteen Eye Awakening.jpg

Lined with the darkest shade:

Pixi Eyeshadow Miracle Velveteen .jpg

I quite like the result which IS fresh, and natural although its nothing madly exciting to write home about. I also think the shadows themselves could be creamier.

I’m not sure how much the RRP is but I got it for £3.99. I think the other eyeshadow kits (without a brush) were about £18? So this would have been around that price at full retail which I don’t think is really worth it.

For £3.99, its totally worth it!

Other things I bought:

Pixi Lip Gloss Velvet Blusher.jpg

I got the dual ended lip liner in nude – very nice and the velvet rouge blusher.

The velvet rouge blusher is one of my favourite things from the Pixi Line. I got it in rose which is the darkest shade – its my favourite one.

I got two lip boosters – they don’t make me tingle, but they do make my lips look fuller. Everytime I put it on Mr Candy says it reminds him of these sweets he used to eat as a kid (lollies that were like whistles!):

pixi lip booster Lip Gloss nixie faerie.jpg

I also bought an Eye Bright Kit (it comes in 3 shades) – I got it in light as they had no medium. 2 of the colours are highlighters and 2 are concealers.

Light works pretty well for my skintone even though I thought I was a medium:

Pixi Eye Bright Kit Concealer .jpg

Then I bought some Trios – Ophelia which is a mixture of coppery browns:

Eyeshadow Pixi Trio Bronze Brown-1.jpg

Trinculo which has 3 smokey dark shades in blue, purple and gold:

Pixi Triple eye colour eyeshadow.jpg

Hermia, which has a light ivory, beige and navy:

Pixi Eyeshadow Trio .jpg

All of these eyeshadows fell out of the cases! The glue had dried up at the bottom but that happens when a product is – dare I say – old.

Nevertheless, all the shades are medium pigmented and very pretty.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchases. Pixi is quite an expensive brand – you can see the range here at Direct Cosmetics (service was pretty good too!).

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  1. says

    I’m quite new to the whole beauty scene so I’d not heard of Pixi before seeing this post…you definitely got some bargains! I really love the colours of the Trinculo eye shadows. It’s good to see a post about a beauty brand that’s not so ‘mainstream’ :)