Look, don’t touch! Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Cat Palette

Another one of the things I picked up from the US (or should I say, my friend picked up for me) is this Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisata Cat Palette.

Hurrah! Waited so long for this – and am I going to use it? Hell no!

Shu Uemura tsumori chisato.jpg

But you can admire its gorgeousness with me. Altogether now, aaahhhhhhh:

Tsumori Chisato shu uemura.jpg

You get a blush, 3 shadows, a gel liner and some white thing – what is that? I don’t know. But all I know is this will be saved for special occasions only:

shu uemura chisato.jpg

Do you like the Chisato palette? Shall I use it? Is life too short? Or is this just for admiring?

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  1. Rachel says

    Hi Row,

    The packaging is so pretty! I’ll definitely use it if I were you :)

    Read your little rant on the blog sale and I thought you might want a second chance with the concealer :)

    Hope it helps. Merry Christmas!

    • Row says

      Hi Rachel!

      Clever girl! I actually did that just recently! I ordered the mini Amazing concealer in Light and Medium (since my tan is WAYYY too dark)!

  2. Holly says

    You daft mare, of course you should use it! I know it’s pretty but it’s makeup.. there’s no point having it if you’re not going to enjoy its contents :)

    • Row says

      Hi Holly

      I know I know but I always start using palettes then forget about them! I have a few beauties like this I should be using bu can’t be bothered to!

  3. says

    Oh my gahhh! So pretty! I’m actually eyeing the highlighter duo… the cat outline is so cute I’ll probably won’t swipe a brush across it to keep it forever, and ever.

  4. says

    I finally used mine for the 1st time ever today. That weird whity creay thing is actually stunning used on the eyes. I put it there then lightly dusted the bronzeygold over it and woah did my eyes sparkle!