Look, don’t touch: Lancome Sparkling Cherub Illuminating Palette

Look what I got my hands on! Lancome’s limited (and largely sold out) Sparkling Cherub palette…technically an illuminator:

Lancome Sparkling Cherub.jpg

Inside is a gorgeous palette – it has a beige/light gold outer rim, a bronze in the centre and a small pink heart detail. There is a glitter overspray on the powder, which is just gorgeous but WILL wipe away after a few uses.

Lancome Sparkling Cherub-1.jpg

A closer look…just to admire….

lancome sparkling cherub-2.jpg

Lancome releases some super pretty face palettes every year, no? Too pretty if you ask me – its that damn glittery overspray. It makes me want to keep my hands off.


lancome sparkling cherub-3.jpg

Because you’re special and its Christmas, I did indeed, soil the powder a little and got this swatch for you. This is the top layer to there is some of the chunkier silver glitter there, but this wont be there in future applications:

lancome sparkling cherub bronzer illuminating palette.jpg

I’d say the powder is quite versatile and is more than just a face illuminator. The outer colour can be used to highlight and the centre colour is a nice bronze – mixed together it leaves the warm honey shade above.

You can even contour/highlight with this palette me thinks.

In terms of texture, its not a super soft powder, but I think this means you are less likely to over load the brush with product.

Do you like the look of the Cherub palette? Would you use this or save it?

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  1. Heather says

    This is so beautiful! I would be tempted to save it, but I’d probably at least use the highlighter :)