Look, Don’t Touch! Hera Multi Shimmering Pact Review

I keep discovering new Korean make up to try out, especially high end ones and Hera is one of my discoveries.

Hera Multi Shimmering Pact is one of the prettiest palettes I have ever seen:


I believe it is a fairly high end brand as this palette cost me £26. There’s also a pink version of this that can be used as a blusher.

The case is a little bit cheap, it’s plastic and quite bulky:#alttext#

Ahhh the photos don’t do this justice! This has three layers and a shimmery top coat which comes off. There’s a blue layer, a purple layer and a white layer.


Ok so I admit I haven’t been able to bring myself to swatch this yet – because I will lose the glittery top coat and pretty pattern on the top…sad I know.

Have you ever bought something and not been able to bring yourself to use it?

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  1. lexi says

    ALWAYS when I buy a Clinique blush I never want to use it because I don’t want to ruin the beautiful flower pattern!! The same can be said of really expensive products =P

  2. says

    I got a Chanel quad (first one ever) and because it was LE I kind of think I should have never used it but I got enigma because it was so usable so keeping it intact would have defeated the object 😀

  3. JenT says

    Ahhhh…this is so pretty! Reminds me of Dior when they did the whole lace thing. There’s so many things that I’ve bought that I’ve still not had the heart to use yet…mainly limited edition palettes…my Mac A Tartan Tale eye and cheek palettes are still waiting patiently in their boxes to be opened and used lol

  4. Jen says

    Ahhhh yes, that’s the range I meant…I especially loved the blusher compact, that was gorgeous…too bad I wasn’t in need of a new blusher at the time lol