Look away now

I don’t have anything against Katie Holmes – I think Suri Cruise is the cutest celeb kid around, and I think that if you want to PAY to join a “religion” then that’s fine.

But seriously I didn’t know where to look when I saw this video. It’s like watching Winnie The Pooh doing a lapdance.

Do you find her sexy?!

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  1. I hate to say this about another woman but there’s something creepy and totally uncharismatic about her!!

  2. Words fail me.

    That said, she can’t be half as old as she looks in the clip.

  3. She looks like that creepy joker (who does dry-laughing and hamburger commercials and stuff…) in the Simpsons…

    yup, Suri is so cute!

  4. Hey Zereen – she used to be cute in Dawsons creek but she is creepy now!

  5. Hey Mandy

    I know she’s probably like what 29? Her hair is bad, I did a look like that once on megan’s bob, oh how I laughed.

  6. Hey Citrine!

    Do yo u mean Ronald Mcdonald? Or the hamburger thief!

  7. No…after endless research (ok, a minute of googling) the guy is named Krusty the Clown, who never fails to creep me out when I watch the simpsons…and below is a picture of him…