Lola Golightly Kit – the absolute all in one!

When I spotted this Lola Golightly Kit I went into spams.

Lazy.  Girls.  Dream.

Never tried Lola before this but always thought the packaging was cute.  At £24.99 this kit is an All in One – I have lots of palettes that cater for the eye, for the eye and cheek, for the eye cheek and lip, but for the eye, cheek, lips, lashes?  That, I don’t have.

This palette has: 10 Lipsticks , 1 Eye pencil, 1 Lip Pencil , 2 Powder Blushes, 5 Eye Shadows, 1 Mascara

Here are the colours that are included:

Bronze, peach, white and blues – why blues me wonders?  A grey or black or green would be nicer.

Five deepish rose and red lip colours

5 nude beiges and pinks

Blush in brown and a hot pink

Black mascara, a black eyeliner a nude brown liner and three brushes and a mirror of course!


I like the products.  The quality is good and the colors are useable but, what I don’t like is the packaging.  Its not small (ok I know theres a lot of stuff in it so it cant be that small) but its a bit smaller than A5 and is about 2 inches thick.  The draws slide out and it is very rattly – what holds it together is the lid.  When it does come off, the draws slide about and the pencils and mascara fall out easily too which to me, makes it annoying and impractical to carry around.  You need something sturdy in your handbag, no?  And also, its too big to take out in an evening handbag and as its plastic and rattly, you can just chuck it in your day bag without a bit of padding around it.  One of the shadows was actually a littl chipped when it arrived – I’m sure its because of the poor way its constructed.

I do love the idea of this palette – it really really would love it to work so I could just carry one thing around but the fact is, the packaging irritates me.  It seems flimsy and fragile – I’d rather have everything in one flat palette.

Would you buy something like this or have a use for it?

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  1. is a hard question, if it is a good quality, and its NOT tooooo expensive, I may buy it…I love all-in-one stuffs…those are cute but sorry about the li’l crack on it! They look so cute! and they are perfect to be carried along!

  2. Hi,

    Could you tell me where you bought this kit? A while back, my sister wanted this, and for the life of me I could only find the white kit not the black one like yours!


  3. Hi Nikki

    I agree! I love anything thats an all in one – i love it! But sometimes they put stupid colours in a palette that don’t work :/

  4. Hi Miss B.

    This was from Ebay – have you had any luck there?

  5. so true! there’s always ONE or TWO colors that just won’t work!!! But you have no choice but to buy ’em all!

  6. hi Row,

    Thanks for your reply :) I haven’t seen one in black on eBay either.. only the white one.. hmm.. but I will keep an eye open for it 😀

  7. Hi Nikki

    Its always the case! I’d like a palette with nudes and greens!

  8. Hi Miss B

    Let me know if you can find one. If you really struggle I would consider selling you mine? I haven’t used it at all, and I know I will just end up looking at it for the next 5 years so it may as well go to someone who will put it to good use!

  9. Thanks Row 😀 I will find out whether she still wants it and let you know ASAP.

  10. Hi Row,

    I tried to send you a message about the Lola kit price via the contact link, but just want to make sure you get it, I’m leaving this comment here too. Sorry if it’s a repeat.

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