L’Occitane Mom & Baby Cleansing Gel & Mom and Baby Balm Review

Baby C is naturally, in possession of stellar collection of organic smelly baby stuff.  And I’m not talking about his poo although…can I confirm his smells like warm butter? Too much information…I digress.

L Occitane Mom Baby Cleansing Gel Mom and Baby Balm Review 1

So far, I have used up Burts Bees which I like, and half used some Green Baby products.  I am fond of the Baby Bee products and if anything, the smell is now nostalgic as it’s the first products we used on him.  However, the Burts Bees baby wash leaves his hair slightly greasy. 

Green Baby products are fine but really strong smelling and the body wash (which I may review later) causes slight irritation to Baby C’s scalp.  So onwards I searched for another product to try….

I noticed that L’Occitane has a mum (or Mom!) and baby range.  I already bought the baby cream which I like a lot as it hydrates without irritating Harrison’s face.  I decided to buy the cleansing gel and baby balm too. 

The Baby Cleansing Gel is lovely – you get a decent amount and it can be used on the hair and body – I use a tiny amount so it doesn’t burden his skin.


L Occitane Mom Baby Cleansing Gel Mom and Baby Balm Review 2

This smells lovely – as great as organic products are I find that Burts Bees and Green Baby are very strong and the scents are very unique – you either love or hate them. This one has more of a classic ‘clean baby’ scent, like Johnsons but not heavy or artificial.

It lathers well without being too bubbly and cleanses nicely with no residue.  Love it!

L Occitane Mom Baby Cleansing Gel Mom and Baby Balm Review 3

The Mom and Baby Balm is a thick textured rich oily type moisturiser unlike the cream which is lighter and sinks in quickly (I use that on his face and body).  This balm is better for dry areas and can even be used on the bum!  I used this on his hands where it can be flaky and also his face when there are dryer patches.  

L Occitane Mom Baby Cleansing Gel Mom and Baby Balm Review 4

Once again it is unfragranced and is very soft and melts once you add some body heat!  There are a lot of baby balms out there – I don’t usually like them as they can sit on the skin and feel greasy but this one is pretty good for that.  I would still use the cream more than this product but it’s not bad at all. The tin is a handy size and I like the simple packaging on both of these products.

DL Occitane Mom Baby Cleansing Gel Mom and Baby Balm Review


– The wash smells great

– Both products are gentle and non irritating

– Decent quantities


– You have to buy online unless there’s a L’Occitane shop near you and the shipping is fairly dear (£4) unless you spend a certain amount.

– It is cheaper than common brands like Johnsons

Overall the L’Occitane products are one of my favourites for Baby Harrison.  They’re dearer than standard high street brands (like Johnsons) but I always knew I’d seek out good quality products to use on him. They’re cute and simple enough to be gentle, but aren’t bland either.  Some of the other brands I have used, Green Baby and Burts Bees are nice too but are a little too pungent in the scent area and I’m not convinced they didn’t irritate his skin when he was first born.

If you have a baby, what do you use on his/her skin?

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