Little of bag of horrors: The Make Up Bag of Horrible Beauty Stuff

My friend, fellow blogger Charlotte at Lipglossiping sent me a parcel for my birthday last year…amazingly I didn’t immediately realise it was from her, I thought it was a PR who was clearing her cupboards out and had sent all the dregs she had left over gathering dust.

After I got over my HORROR, I realised it was a joke…quite a clever one when you think about it, as Charlotte had gone into some pound store (I hope) to pick up some make up horrors just for me! (She did confirm this was a joke by the way ahem).

Beauty bag horror 1

Left to Right:

1. Make up bag that looks like a duvet in a hospital

2. Wet n Wild Tinted Moisturiser

3. Constance Carroll (argh) eyeshadow

4. L’oreal Hair Mascara (green)

5. Hollyoaks (double argh) body lotion

6. Q-Tip Gloss For Lips


Maybe you are sitting there now, thinking, what’s wrong with Constance Carroll!?!? I don’t know it just reminds me of the Pharmacy we used to go to when I was a kid. ¬†Horrible. Wet n Wild have some amazing eyeshadows, but moisturiser? Not sure I’d want that on my face.

Lipstick Q-tips were always a horrible invention weren’t they? They are pre loaded cotton buds with waxy colour except, how do you carry one of these around? You can’t, you have to carry the whole box.

Lipstick Q tip

Swatches (yes really):

Make Up Bad

Then finally, hair mascara! Remember when these were hip? When I was at high school all the girls used to buy these in pink, purple but they never showed up properly in black hair.

Mr C kindly let me use his head for trying this out! ¬†Well…it would work for Halloween!

Hair mascara

The bag of horrible cosmetics gave me a bit of a laugh, and definitely reminded me of my teens!

What would be in your little bag of horrors?

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  1. says

    Hahahahah I am laughing out loud at this post. I haven’t heard the words “Constance Carroll” for about 10 years. Where the hell did Charlotte find all those nice things (BodyCare???)? Especially love the make-up bag.