Lise Watier Model Portfolio Concealer Wheel

I am addicted concealer – did I tell you? I think I need to do a concealer special soon, what do you think?

The Lise Watier concealer wheel caught my eye. It looks like Lise Waiter – as in ‘would you like salad with that’, waiter.

Something about Lise Waiter I find off putting. She’s like the cagey cousin you have, the one that always looks impeccible and never swears or does anything bad – she’s the one your aunts and uncle rave about, the one who has never dyed her hair in her life and is far too dainty for her own good. You are suspicious of her because she sneers at you when no one else is looking, when you are trying to pick you nose.

But I digress.

This little darling is hard to get hold of – it’s Canadian, you see!

I have relatives in Canada, but I can’t ask them to go and buy me make up. Tell me, what use if a relative overseas if they can’t send you cosmetics?

Here is the concealer wheel:


Check it! You get 5 colours!


In case you are colour blind:


Mine came with cracks in it!:




You get a guide with the concealer wheel –

Redness: Green + Ivory (for pale skin)

Green + Ivory + Beige (for medium skin tones)

Green + Beige (for tan skin)

Green + Beige + Brown (for darker skin tones)

Under-eye circles: Lavender + Brown (for brown circles)

Beige (for blue circles)

Green + Ivory + Beige (for mauve circles [with more red])


I used it for my under eye circles:


So this concealer….first off its hard to get. I had to find mine from a seller in Canada and it worked out a lot with the current exchange rate etc, about £35. But I had lusted after it for so long…

And it is a GOOD concealer. It’s super thick and will cover any blemishes I’m sure. But it has a problem, the problem I find with all heavy duty concealers that are thick as anything – its TOO dry, its TOO cakey.

Yes I could stand there with a hairdryer and warm it up. I could tuck it under my armpit and wait for it to warm up in the morning, whilst I have a brew. Or – you could make a concealer that doesn’t feel like tar.

Warmed up this concealer is excellent for the face. Under the eye? Forget it. You have to drag drag drag, which is NOT good or the under eye area. Secondly, its dry and cakey and it settles quickly into any creases you have.

As for all the colour options – its good fun to use I have to say but to be honest – who can be bothered? A good skin toned concealer (perhaps a shade for your face, slightly lighter for under your eye) is more than enough.

Who sits there with a blemish in the morning, going, ‘I see my blemish is pink with a slight hue of purple. I shall dab this with a dot of lilac, then a sweep of green, and to top it off some beige’. This is my train of though in the morning –

CRAP! It’s a spot! Why, god why….oh…er….where’s the concealer…dab dab dab…..rub rub rub…pat pat pat….DONE!

If you want a better thick concealer that covers, use RMK’s. It’s thick (not for under the eyes) but it always retains a slight creamyness – it doesn’t just dry up like nobody’s business.

For under the eyes, RMK liquid concealer is good, but so is IPSA, Estee Lauder’s Illuminating Concealer, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer….

For everything, Cle De Peau is a good bet

But this concealer wheel is just TOO MUCH WORK. And it cost too much too. HMPH!

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  1. Citrine says

    ha…I am from Canada actually, but everything (beside the yummy food in the Chinese areas) is rip-off there, not to mention the huge sale tax…

    If I ever get something with cracks, I will be roaring :” Give me my money back..Argh!”

  2. three says

    I have just discovered your blog the other day and I am hooked. Your reviews are so spot on and your writing style is great! I bookmarked you the moment I read your amazing review on the eye primers. :)

    About the Lise Waitier (if this is how I should spell it), I am happy you took the pressure off my chest. I was wishing it badly, well not anymore, somehow I trust your judgment. lol

    • Row says

      Hey Three

      Thankyou so much for your compliments :) I do try.
      Yes, the Lise Waitier, although NICE is dry and would require some time to warm up etc. Maybe for a special look you could find that time but its far too high maintence for me.

  3. sue says

    Just send me an email if ya need anything, ebay is overpriced!!! We can do a swap or something cause I would like to try some UK beauty brands too =)

    • Row says

      Oh yes Sue! Lots of little things you can try out over here !I am a big fan of MUFE we can’t get that over here either!

  4. Coco says

    Seriously 35 pounds is way too much to pay for it that’s like double the price we pay in Canada!! Next time you want something as such.. just give me an email and I’ll just get it purchase for you.

  5. Nicole says

    At first I also found the Lise Watier Portfolio concealer wheel dry and cakey so I couldn’t understand why so many people love it. I was going to pass it up until the salesperson told me that applying it with a concealer brush made a huge difference… and she was right. Now I am in love with this product and I apply it everywhere, including on the undereye area. I am in my forties, so I was concerned about it accentuating fine lines, but it does not do that at all. I am in love with this product.

    • Row says

      Hi Nicole!

      I have to say I bought a concealer brush at the same time as this concealer because I had such high hopes but it still didn’t quite work for me. Still dry and cakey and just generally awkward on a cold monday morning to work with! It has high ratings on Make Up Alley though so clearly it works for a lot of ladies I just have other concealers that are far easier to work with. 8)

  6. Maple says

    Thank you for that!! I was THAT close to buying it off ebay and with the exchange rate and shipping, it’s gonna cost me nearly AUD$68!! So I’ve decided not to buy it (after reading your review). Thanks again!

    • Row says

      Hey Maple,

      Each to their own but like you, the exchange rate was terrible and I haven’t touched this concealer since I bought it. You need to really take the time and warm it up (duh, I can’t be bothered in the morning) to get it to work.

      If you need a good concealer for under the eyes, try Bobbi Browns Peach Corrector, for redness, Armani’s green corrective concealer is amazing!

  7. BW says

    Hi, I am from Singapore, and I bought this concealer off eBay too, from a Canadian seller, at about SGD$58 or 25 pounds including shipping. I did so because it was highly recommended by this makeup guru, Michelle Phan ( After waiting for it for almost a month, it finally arrived one fine afternoon, and I grabbed my concealer brush and ran into the bathroom to try it out. It made my heart sink to see that my fine lines became very obvious, and the concealer was cakey. When I smiled, my under eye area crinkled, and I looked 30 years older instantly (I am only 19). I have tried different ways to make this concealer work, like applying a moisturizing eye cream before concealingand warming it up with my hairdryer (which is annoying when I am in a hurry). I have conceded defeat by now, and wished I’ve seen your review before my purchase, but oh well. This concealer is pretty good with the green one to conceal my redness around my nose and also the lilac is a very nice highlight for the eyes, so maybe not all is lost. :)

  8. Edie from Brunei says

    Are you serious BW? Oh lord. I have just ordered it last week and i’m waiting to receive the package. I followed Michelle Phan as well. I didn’t bought it off ebay because the price is just absurd. Fortunately i have someone over in US to buy it for me. Tax + shipping I think we’re spending about the same amount. *Fingers cross*I hope it works fine on me!!!

  9. Edie from Brunei says

    Are you serious BW? Oh lord. I have just ordered it last week and i’m waiting to receive the package. I followed Michelle Phan as well. I didn’t buy it off ebay because the price is just absurd. Fortunately i have someone over in US to buy it for me. Tax + shipping I think we’re spending about the same amount. *Fingers cross*I hope it works fine on me!!!

  10. says

    This is my HG concealor. It sucks that you find it too dry – I have NEVER had that problem with mine. ?? I honestly can’t imagine getting ready everyday now without it!!

    If you ever need help getting this product let me know – I’m in Canada :)

  11. susan says

    I want to get the concealer wheel by Lise Watier but where can I get that from? Is the concealer good for people with dry skin?

    • Row says

      Hi Susan

      Lise Waiter is Candaian – they sell their products online but whether you can buy it or not depends on where you are. I got this palette from eBay. I think its a BAD concealer with dry skin its so cakey and dry Bobbi Brown do better concealers if you have dry skin.