Lips of the Day: Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipstick in PK407 Stiletto

Needless to say, with all the make up that I see and play with there’s not much on your average make up counter that gets me excited, but when I saw the new Shiseido spring collection, I was just coo-ing (see the colours at the end of the post!).

Alas I was dragged away from the counter by Mr C, something about ‘having too many lipsticks’.

Amazingly enough, he presented me one evening with the one my heart desired (so I guess the glazed over look was just a facade) PK407, Stiletto, a hot pink with tons of blue micro sparkle.


You know, my local Selfridges ditched the Shiseido counter for Nars. I get that – Nars is wonderful, but I’d have sacrificed another counter, before getting rid of Shiseido which has a strong following.

Anyway. The packaging! As always with Shiseido, heavyweight, sold, pretty packaging.

They say:

Luxurious shine and plumping action, achieve a just applied with adhesive gel oils. All day moisture lasts up to 8 hours with a shimmering, glossy and lustrous finish.So now we know what we have; a sheer, glossy, plumping lipstick. It’s perfect for spring although I am madly into the creamy lip look at the moment, even in a gloss.

Japanese brands always do the glossy, hydrating, water shine lip sticks very well.

Stiletto or PK407 is a hot pink, but never fear, it’s really sheer:


This lipstick fulfils all the criteria for people who want a glossy, plumped up look. There’s no minty stuff going on, it just seems give a bit of a 3-D result…what’s the word? Multi dimensional!

I’ll buy anything with that blue micro sparkle to be honest:


Verdict for this lipstick so far is that I like it a lot; it reminds me of Shu Uemura Supreme Shine lipsticks, but without the horrible design fault in the lid (it cracks easily), and slightly less in your face with the gloss.

Here is the full range anyway. I did notice the colours swatched differently on my hand than on my lips so maybe if you can, test it out properly as these are £19.50 each.



Will you be purchasing any Shiseido Shimmering Rouge lipsticks?

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  1. says

    Ooo I love a nice bluish pink. It’s much more flattering on me. I wish we had a Shu near me. Maybe I’ll find one when I go to Milton Keynes this weekend

  2. Jen says

    Preeetttttttty! Definitely checking out the Shiseido counter on my next shopping trip…I’ve never really used any Shiseido-brand makeup before, more so their skincare