Lips of the Day: Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick S in Bright Red 05

Lunasol is one of my favourite Japanese high end make up brands – it’s so lush – but also unfortunately, expensive to buy.

I found this lipstick on eBay (good for the odd Lunsol bargain) – at £13 it was a bit of a bargain as their lipstick can cost in the region of £20+ depending on who you buy it from.

The packaging:


The shade is called Bright Red 05. It is indeed, in the barrel, a loud orange based red, the kind that I am quite scared to wear to anywhere but a Cirque Du Soleil show…The packaging is nice. Lunasol cases comes in this sort of – what colour is that? Bronze? Packaging. It’s heavy weight and good quality, although inevitably you will get finger marks on it.

This Full Glamour Lipstick S is a bit of a stubby lipstick but theirs enough product there.


Orange reds rule! I guess I think it’s because they look better on my skintone, and look less serious than blue reds.

Swatch – the texture of this is glossy and medium pigmented. It’s a very nice (albeit) hard texture to wear – it doesn’t feel like it will run all over the place (although it did spread a little as the day wore on).


On the lips it is a glossy, wearable orange red-coral. Mind you that’s just on me with my medium tan skintone. It’s glossy and wearable enough for special occasions and for just when I’m feeling saucy.

It does settle into lines somewhat and it will stick to dry patches, yet the lipstick itself isn’t dry or drying. Go figure.



I like this lipstick a lot – it’s going to be my summer red and I can wear it out without looking too much like circus escapee.

Having said that, if I were buying a Lunasol lip product tomorrow I wouldn’t necessarily go for this texture, or this shade – there are so many new products coming out that I’d prefer to try something fresh on the market instead.

Plus I think Japanese lip products are best for the water-shine type finish, and glossy hydrating finish as opposed for this more pigmented look.

If you do want a glossy, orange red then you can try this product out! It’s listed on eBay for a good price!

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  1. Mariko says

    How do you prep your lips before applying lipstick so that a) your lips are as smooth as they always are! and b) the colour isn’t affected by your lip pigmentation?

    • Row says

      Hi Mariko

      I really don’t do anything! If I apply foundation I use it over my lips too to create a blank canvas. I only really apply lip balm at bed time x