Lips of the Day: Lancome Juicy Pop Ultra Brilliant Lip Gloss in Hot Pink

Sometimes I scour eBay for limited edition items I didn’t get round to buying the first time round.

I picked up this Lancome Juicy Pop Lip Gloss a while ago. Do you remember when Lancome Juicy Tubes were the HOTTEST make up item out there?

I remember lusting after one so badly and eventually I was gifted a glossy brown that smelt a bit like cola. Since then my interest in Juicy Tubes has all but faded. But still, this Juicy Pop is it’s super bright electro pink caught my eye…


I love hot pink lips.

This hot pink is extremely vivid in the tube. It’s quite vivid out of it too:


Juicy Tubes used to smell fruity, they were super glossy and hydrating.

I have to say this electro pink is somewhat disappointing on the lips. It’s moderately pink…I wanted something brighter and less sheer. It also bleeds easily:


Oh well it’s a wearable pink, but nothing too special. These are still around on eBay for around £11.

Did you ever own a Juicy Tube?

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