Lips of the Day: Kanebo Media Clear Shimmery Lipgloss in WT-1

Media, is a Kanebo brand and one of the cheaper, affordable ones.

This sort of shows in the packaging, which is very bare, very simple. None of their products really appeal that much to be since they don’t stand out visually but nevertheless, its a very affordable and pretty good quality.

I bought this lipgloss cos I just wanted something simple and its about £3!

Kanebo Media Lip Gloss Glitter white.jpg

Its called WT-1. Its a clear lipgloss with very shine micro sparkles.

Kanebo Media Sheer Lip Gloss Glittery .jpg

On the lips:

Shiseido Kanebo Media Lip Gloss clear.jpg

Its nothing extraordinary, but its a good non sticky, hydrating lip gloss for everyday wear.

Media is on sale at – the whole range is pretty affordable!

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  1. says

    Sounds nice. Given the rate that I use up lip glosses, I just want inexpensive, non-sticky, wearable lip glosses these days.