Lips of the Day: Gosh Light N Shine Lip Gloss Eclat and Brilliance in 08 Pink

Let’s start this sunny Monday off with a lips of the day – and today’s is a very unassuming number from GOSH cosmetics.

This Gloss Light’N Shine Lip Eclat and Brilliance comes in that light up packaging – you take the applicator out and it has a light underneath plus a mirror on the side so you can apply it in the dark…or dark situations. This type of applicator has been done to death by various brands…

GOSH Gloss Eclat Brilliance Lip Gloss

Not that I have a problem with it…just saying it’s not really innovative any more?  I haven’t yet been in a situation dark enough to need a light up lip gloss but I imagine it’d be handy in a nightclub?

08 is a sparkly pink. Like the first lip gloss you ever bought. It’s not interesting, it has no dimension. It’s about as original as Katie Price in a hot pants and a push up bra.

GOSH Lip GLoss Eclat and Brilliance

And yet, I cannot hate.

Why? Because it gives such a juicy, glossy, plumped up lip effect.  Better than a lot of lip glosses that claim to do that.  There is a faint blue pearl to it, which is great as I love blue with pink (a lip obsession of mine).  And it just makes the lips look juicy.

On the lips:

GOSH Light n shine lip gloss

This lip gloss really filled in any cracks I have on my lips and just left me with super duper shine – which is what it is supposed to do, like, but still, I am really impressed by the finish.

Durability is typical for a lip gloss of this type, last an hour or two but my glosses never really stay for that long. Probably eating too much.

See the range at Superdrug, retailing at £7.99 each.

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