Lips of the Day: Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss in First Kiss Review!

Edward Bess is a brand I have heard lots of positive things about but had not yet got round to testing (I bought some lipsticks in their old packaging to try but surprise surprise, I’ve not had a chance to use them yet!) so it was a nice treat to get one of their Deep Shine Lip Glosses in a little goody box I was given. 

Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss in First Kiss Review 4

They say;

This light capturing lip gloss has a unique formula which delivers a kiss of brilliant colour to the lips without added glitter or shimmer. Superiorly hydrating, Deep Shine Lip Gloss keeps the lips smooth and protects the lips with a luscious coating of moisture.

The lip gloss smells of figs (christmassy) and I usually hate perfumed lip products, but this one is really nice if not a little strong.  The packaging is plastic but heavyweight and elegant.

I have the colour ‘First Kiss’ which is a medium warm pretty pink.It comes with a slightly pointed doe foot applicator which works well at getting into the corners of the mouth etc.

This colour is a very wearable pink and isn’t as bright as it looks in the tube.  It has the right amount of pigmentation – enough to give off some colour and lots of shine, but it’s share enough to wear on top of lipstick.

The texture is quite smooth and it’s medium thick. I didn’t have a problem spreading it over my dry lips at all. The main thing about this lip gloss that stood out for me was that it’s sticky.  If MAC lipglass is uber sticky, then Edward Bess’s Deep Shine is a thinner little sister – so there’s less hair sticking on face…

I found the slightly tacky texture quite nice because I have dry lips and this lipgloss covers the lips and feels almost protective; it also lasts incredibly well no doubt because it is sticky. I mean I applied it in the morning, and even in the late afternoon I could still feel it lingering which never happens with any other lipgloss.

Swatch:Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss in First Kiss Review 2

Here it is on my lips. It did a good job at making my lips look healthier then they are.

First Kiss is shimmer free and looks more of a nude pink on my skintone.

Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss in First Kiss Review 3


This Edward Bess Deep Shine lipgloss is what I’d call an ‘elegant’ gloss – the packaging and colours are everyday wearable shades and the long lasting nature of it makes it a winner for me. These aren’t wacky colours mind; they might not make your heart stop with excitement, but they’re like buying a really good quality, properly fitted bra.

For me my key glosses are; a pink, a peach and a nude, so I’d definitely consider buying the other colours in this formula.

It’s fairly pricey at £22 each but along the lines of Chanel/Dior prices. 

See the full range of Edward Bess Glosses over at Beauty Bay (free shipping option avail!)- I like the look of Nude Whisper and Lover’s Desire. 

Have you tried Edward Bess products before?

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