Lips of the Day! Chanel Brilliant Extreme Glossimer Lip Gloss in GIGGLE 46

A YouTuber made me do it! Except I can’t remember which one. One with pretty lips.

A month or two ago a YouTuber mentioned one of her favourite lip glosses ever is Chanel’s Brilliant Extreme in Giggle.  With a name like Giggle, I had to order one (I think Debenhams had 10% off), and I generally have faith that even though I was buying blind, Chanel comes up with the goods. 

So it arrives and it looks lovely, as Chanel does, but rather serious.  Not very giggly:

Chanel Brilliant Extreme Glossimer Lip Gloss in GIGGLE 46

What do I mean by that? Look at it. This is a serious lip gloss colour. No shimmer, no sparkles, not perky.  It’s sort of a mauve-brown that could definitely look quite nude on my pigmented lips, not sure about paler girls.  My usual Chanel lip gloss collection is all about the pretty sparkle which they get so right…


On the wand – it still looks pretty serious to me, and a bit brown. Urgh brown lip gloss.

You know when you’re growing up and you think certain things are chic? Mine was brown lipstick and lip gloss. We all wore it for our final year photos at High School.  There’s a hideous photo of me somewhere in burgundy brown lipstick, looking like I’ve been eating nothing but SMASH potato for the last year. 

 But I digress….

Chanel Brilliant Extreme Glossimer Lip Gloss in GIGGLE 46 2

Swatch! We are till look serious but now it looks more mauve to me. 

I generally find non shimmer lip glosses somewhat dull on my lips, and where the gloss is a pricey one, I feel like it could easily be duped by something from No. 17 or something. 

Chanel Brilliant Extreme Glossimer Lip Gloss in GIGGLE 46 1

So then I put it on the lips and the first thing I think is…livery. It reminds me of a fine slither of liver and I hate liver so much. 

But then it settles, and it looks a bit purple, then more rose, then purple again, then it settles into a nude-brown-mauve very pretty and relatively pigmented elegant shine. My point is, despite my above moaning, I actually like it. A lot!

It’s actually quite an unusual nude gloss because of the brown and purple tone in it – or perhaps it’s my natural lip tone (which is quite pigmented) bringing it out. Either way, I like. I’ll wear this when I have to fire someone. 

Chanel Lip Gloss Giggle Swatch Review

I think I paid about £16 for this (can’t really remember) but it’s around that ballpark so not cheap.

Would you buy Chanel Giggle Lipgloss? What is your favourite Chanel Lip Gloss? 

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