Lip Swatches Special: NYX Perfect Taupe Lipstick Swatch no. 07

For the next few weeks, I am going to tackle a number of lipstick swatches because you guys seem to like them so much.

First I am going to focus on the NYX lipsticks I own (about 30 of them I think).

Note: All swatches are subjective – this is just how it looks with my lighting and my camera and on my lips.

So hope you enjoy, comment and…er, enjoy!

Perfect Taupe (no. 609):

NYX perfect taupe .jpg

A beige nude – very corpse-y!

On the lips –

Nyx lipstick perfect taupe.jpg

Yay or Nay?

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  1. YAY!!! I’ve been looking for a perfect nude and now I found it! Thanks!

  2. Oh, no! This one’s awful.

  3. I have almost same shade in etude lipstick. Love tis color

  4. *cringe* Do not like! I know this will work wonders on some ladies, but I know it would be just awful on a pale, cool-toned gal like myself… I already look like a corpse, and don’t need any more help! 😉

  5. Don’t like nude lips on anyone, regardless of coloring! Just not a look I care for – it does make one looke ill, I think. You probably look spectacular in coral!

  6. I think it could work on some people, but definitely not on most, and ABSOLUTELY not on me!

  7. NO NO NO! Looks like MUD!

  8. YAY!

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