Lip Swatches: Barry M Lipsticks; Cerise, Punky, Dolly and Peachy Pink

Who doesn’t love some lovely swatches? So to get through this Tuesday here are some lip swatches of Barry M’s newest additions (Pinks)…

I am impressed by the Barry M Lipsticks, they remind me of Illamasqua and Nars Semi Matte lip colours but are much more affordable at £4.25.

1. Cerise Pink

– the darkest of the new shades, a dark rich pink

barry m lipstick pink.jpg

2. Punky Pink

– More of a hot pink but looks quite similar to Cerise once on the lips. Has less of a purple/blue tone to it than Cerise.

barry m pink.jpg

3. Peachy Pink

– an almost nude apricot shade which I adore, but will highlight any dry patches. Very natural.

barry m pink-1.jpg

4. Dolly Pink

– A light, dollymix kind of pink, quite a fun shade that reminds me of something Dolly Parton would wear!

barry m.jpg

Which is your favurite pink? Do you wear Barry M Lipsticks?

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  1. My favorite is the Peachy Pink! Unfortunately as much as I have read rave reviews about Barry M, I haven’t tried any of the products as I am not in the UK.

  2. Grace London says:

    I like Punky Pink, and at less than a fiver, how wrong can you go, really?

    • Hey Grace

      Nope, and the packaging is also simple and not at all cheap looking 😀 I think they should bring out a really really hot pink too like the Illamasqua one!

  3. the peachy pink looks sooo good! I’m soo going to get this this weekend

  4. Wow, Peachy Pink and Dolly Pink are gorgeous. I wish we had Barry M in the US :(

    • Hey Marylin!

      Barry M need to expand, right? That’s funny everyone seems to prefer peachy pink, I think I prefer the darker two!

  5. these look gorgeous! if only barry m was available in Canada. i think i like the punky pink on you the most.

    • Hey Blu!

      I wonder if they will be expanding soon? the range is great for the price! I think I quite like punky pink too!

  6. i think i like the funky pink the most

  7. dolly pink reminds me of one of the lipstick from the hello kitty collection i can’t recall the name of it, but if you know what im talking about do you have that??
    if only i can get hold of this brand. enough of oogling at swatches!

  8. Hi Rhiana

    I dont normally like darker pinks but I think I like that too!

  9. Hi Kirsten

    I do know which you mean 😀 I think I bought it do you mean Big Bow?x, info levitra