Lip Lightening Treatments – Why?!





Is there anything left that can’t be lightened?

Not according to Beauty DIY…

Lightening Lip Mask:

Beauty Eshop.jpg

Girl, I hope they paid you well

Personally speaking, I have quite pigmented lips that are quite pink. I have lip concealer type products if I want a really neutral base but these days I kind of work with it – so I can use a sheer gloss and still look like rosy.

But a treatment that makes my lips look lighter? I don’t know. I just don’t think pigmented lips are a problem really. Nor is a dark anus. Unless you work in porn, or something, who is really looking that close in that area?….maybe I shouldn’t ask.

Lip Lightening Mask – yay or nay?

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  1. says

    As a person who doesn’t smoke but is routinely asked if she does smoke an illegal drug because of the darkness of her lips, i can see the market for it.

    Also i have seen nipple lightening cream for sale as well, marketed to the middle east.

  2. Lucy says

    I wouldn’t mind lighter lips, but I’ve never thought about actually *doing* something about it, you know? It’s just not the norm. You buy a lip concealing product or put up with it.

    I’ve also seen the nipple lightening cream. It made me lol at first but then I actually thought there must a be a market if it’s produced! So strange.

  3. Alix says

    WTH??? My lips are so pale, they’re almost lighter than my skin (and I’m pale to begin with). Without lipstick on it looks like I don’t *have* any lips. Do you know what I’d do to have the least bit of pigment on my lips, so I don’t look sick/dead/tired without a little lippie? Count your blessings, girls…

  4. Lucky says

    Snaggletooth has the right idea: let’s all bleach our lips!

    Actually, my upper and lower lips are two different colors (brown, and pink, to be exact) so I could see the appeal of such a product. Also, the pigment on both of my lips is darker around the edges, as if I’d used a dark brown lip-liner; I wouldn’t mind something to even them out.

    Sweet, Lucy: Please tell me more about this ‘nipple lightening cream’. :-O

  5. says

    Not sure why my previous comment was posted under ‘Anonymous’. I thought I was logged into my WordPress account when I posted it… You wouldn’t mind correcting it for me, would you Rows?

  6. says

    I can see the point, since I have seen people whose lips are brownish/blackish tinge at the edges…But for pigmented lip, I think it has more thing to do with thin epidermis (I have fairly red lips myself and I actually see my capillaries with the aid of a really glassy lip gloss) so nothing is really going to help.

  7. chocolate cosmos says

    lol, if it works, i would buy it!

    I’m trying the Kose chapstick with coix seed extract (available on and I *THINK* it is working. Can’t be sure yet though, its only been a few months…