Lip Balm for Him and Her? Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm

This is kind of a cute idea – Holika Holika have a new range of lip balms which come in a set of two, 1 for the Mr, 1 for the Missus. 

There’s Strawberry Smoothie (Pink-Strawberry and Clear – Yoghurt), Milky Soda (Clear – Milk, Blue – Soda), Mojito (spelt Mohitto) Kiss (Yellow – Lemon, Blue – Mint) and Cherry Cock (yes really) Kiss, (Pink – Cherry, Brown- Cola). 

His and hers lip balm

Now even though some of these are tinted, even the mens, they are sheer although I don’t know how many men will willingly put on a brown lip balm even if you do tell them that it’s sheer! Mr C doesn’t use lip balm – he doesn’t get dry lips anyway, but unfortunately I cannot coerce him into using any sort of lip balm. 

Still I think this set is a cute idea! 

Would you buy your lover a lip balm?

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