Limited Edition Oh My Gosh Mini Nail Lacquers at Superdrug! Swatches & Thoughts

Following in the footsteps of other brands that make mini polishes (like Orly!) are the Oh My Gosh mini nail lacquers from Superdrug!

This range is limited edition and comes in 20 colours split into a few key looks; Femme Fatale, Pop Art, Rock Chick & Nude Power. I have 5 of these to swatch:Oh MY Gosh Nail PolishThe packaging is quite 80s – I don’t know why but it reminds me of a t-shirt my aunt wore back then. It was blue with yellow sleeves that rolled up – does anyone know what I mean?!

Colours left to right – Orange Splash, Light Nutmeg, Bright Yellow, Pink Red, Mouse Grey.

Anyway, swatches:


Here are 2 of the brights. The texture of this is better than I expected and each nail has 2 light coats. No streaking:

Oh My Gosh Nail Polish

I guess the colours are quite straight forward shades – there’s no nuances to them or subtle shimmers or anything like that. But they are quite wearable, easy going shades.

More colours:Oh My Gosh nail Polish mini

I like the orange – my favourite I think. The other 2 shades are the more natural colours they sort of look nice together…I am thinking a mouse in a tutu. Does that make sense?!

These cost £2.99 each and you get 5ml so if you are a hardcore polish wearer it might not last that long but my polishes last forever and ever so I don’t have an issue with the size!

*Press sample

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  1. says

    I love the packaging and the colours! I like the fact they dont have a shimmer to them, it gives them more of a statement effect. I will definitely be buying myself some of these, including mouse grey and light nutmeg, theyre subtle but chic and very wearable!

  2. Jen says

    These mini polishes are so cute! They remind me of H & M polishes for some reason! The font on them does remind me of those Wham t-shirts from back in the 80s 😀 I really like the look of the mouse grey and the tutu peach lol The pricing is similar to Barry M, so I’m wondering if you get a similar amount (I’m too lazy to go upstairs to look at my Barry M lol) Oh well at least I get discount on Superdrug YAAY