Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry Review and Swatch

Can you believe I haven’t tried anything from Lime Crime? I am afraid the brand skipped me by although I’ve always thought their products looked extremely cute.  The Lip Velvetines definitely caught my eye.  In two shades so far, (Red Velvet and Suedeberry) this liquid lipstick applies like a, er, liquid lipstick and dries to a long lasting matte finish.

Inspired by the Rose, the Queen of all flowers, Velvetine Lip Stain goes on like a gloss and dries down to a matte, velvety finish – like that of a rose petal. Kiss-proof, long-lasting, and utterly addictive!

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry Review and Swatch

Wait…I basically repeated everything off the product description box…never mind.  Suedeberry is an orangey red. On me it is very orangey.  As I love the concept of reds but am more likely to wear orange, I am happy to be testing this shade!

The packaging (box and tube) I like very much – eye catching and retro! The box is a frosted finish. The applicator is a sponge doe foot which collects product on the end quite well, so you literally do not to dip in for more product as this liquid is extremely pigmented and intense.  I do think perhaps the applicator could be more pointed for more precision when applying – this stuff is so pigmented that you want to apply it right (which I kind of failed at). 

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry Review and Swatch 1

See what i mean about pigment? You can see that the colour is quite bright, quite summery I think:

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry Review and Swatch 2

There are other matte lip colours out there although this is still quite a unique product. 

I like the intensity of the colour and the feel of the product when you apply it.  It dries in a minute or so, and the the finish is as described…like velvet.  

There are many strengths to this product you’s so rich and rich and rich (I am running out of words) to describe just how pigmented it is and of course it packs a punch. 

On me – see, ORANGE:

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry Review and Swatch 3

However – for me there is a problem, mainly that it is quite a drying lip colour.  It is a super duper matte finish so this is to be expected. My lips are naturally dry anyway, so having used this product (I wouldn’t recommend using a balm under if you want this super matte finish) I did find that it really settled into my lip lines quite badly, and left me with some dryness for a few days later.  To compare, the last time I had this was when I used Max Factor Lip Infinity (which you apply the balm over to keep the lips hydrated) and my bottom lip began to flake after using it. 

I didn’t get flaking this time but I did have to slather on balm for a good few days to get rid of the dryness. 

Close up swatch:

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry Review and Swatch 4


Brilliant pigmentation, coverage, actually a nice texture product.  Requires care when applying as it sets and stays, and healthy lips to begin with otherwise you  may suffer from ‘desert’ lips for a while from using it!

You can buy the product from Love Make Up for £11.50 (it’s always out of stock, keep checking!) 


*PR Sample

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