Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain in Pink Velvet – Review and Swatch

Lime Crime’s newest instalment of the famous Velvetine colours is Pink Velvet.  

If you don’t know what Velvetine lip colours are; they are HIGHLY pigmented liquid lip stains that leave a matte, ‘velvet’ like finish to the lips. I have tried the red one before and found it a little drying. But now I am back with this beautiful hot pink.  

Here is the pretty packaging:

Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain

I do love hot pink – I suppose hot pink is my red, so to speak – and I love striking matte finishes too, as long as they aren’t drying. 

The liquid lip colour comes in this pretty tube which has a frosted feel. I have no complaints at all over the packaging, I think it’s really cute and the doe foot applicator is on the firm side, which I prefer for applying this kind of product – it gives me more control, which I need with such a dense colour. 

Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain

I forgot how light this product is – it is literally a liquid lipstick, almost water like, yet extremely pigmented. 

The hot pink is a true bright hot pink:

Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain 1

I fared much better with this liquid lipstick this time – I didn’t use any lip balm before, although I would advise it with any matte lip colour since it’s bound to be a little trying. I didn’t think that this colour accentuated any lines either, although inevitably, it is going to settle into some, unless you have line-less lips! 

Here it is on me – it dries within a minute and then it is ridiculously long lasting. Mine stayed put all day although it faded in the centre where I had eaten and drunk during the day, leaving a little ring.  I’d say a top up or refresh in the day would mean you have perfect lips all day. 

Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain 2

Another none lip close up where I look like I’ve just got away with paying for the extra shot in my coffee.  It is very bright but not so painfully so that it’s garish (I think??!!). I really like this colour, and certainly if I feel my lips are a little dry for it some days, I wouldn’t hesitate to add a little sheer pink gloss on top to hydrate.

Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid to Matte Lip Stain 3

Verdict: Must have for hot pink lip lovers.

Buy Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet Velvetine here for £13.50.


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  1. Marrian says

    MUA have a dupe of this for £3 in their Luxe collection. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s one of the two pinks (they sell two reds which are dupes of Lime Crime’s Velvetines reds too).