Like shopping? Some Sale Bargains

How many things have I bought from the post Christmas sales?



I figured that if I didn’t need it pre Christmas, I probably don’t need it now.

Besides, my New Years treat is this:

b1handbagcomej0-thumb.jpg (JPEG Image, 496x401 pixels).jpg

Ignore the fact SJP has it. Its the YSL Besace Messenger Bag. LOVE!


Nevertheless, if I were sale shopping I’d be picking up some gems from SpaceNK (even though the customer service is seriously lacking). The entire Sonia Kashuk brush range is less than half price (which is only right considering its a budget brush range in the US but sold at premium prices over here).

I love this Flat Top Brush, reduced from £18.60 to £4.89. Arguably, the price it should have been in the first place! As an alternative to this I spent $100 on a Rock ‘n’ Republic flat top brush and its the BEST brush I have ever owned (more on this later).

I am also a fan of Lubatti Lotions – smell amazing, Wild Violet is half price, from £21.53 to £10. 76.Cleansing Facial Oil - CLEANSING & TONING - FACE - SKINCARE - Space NK.jpg 15 Minutes of Fame Mini Lip Gloss Kit- Berries - LIPSTICK QUEEN - SHOP BY BRAND - Space NK.jpgLove this body lotion.

The NUDE cleansing oil is very much recommended and is non drying and good for sensitive skins too. Its been reduced from £27.40 to £13.70 which is a crazy bargain.

Finally, the Lipstick Queen 15 Minutes of Fame Mini Lip Gloss Kits look lovely. They come in a few variations, the one online is Berries and has come down from £21.53 to £10.77. It does look mighty gorgeous but I know for a fact I am madly fickle with lip colours unless they take my breath away and so far, I’ve yet to be impressed by Lipstick Queen. I find everything they do too drying and gloopy.

So there you go – I would definitely be dropping some pennies on these items but the sales are boring me this year so I can’t even be bothered pulling my card out of my wallet. If you have any stupendous bargains that you want to share, let me know…perhaps you can get me out of my Spongebob Square Pants Pjamas!

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  1. says

    I have that Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush. BEST brush I’ve ever bought!! I love it so much. I got it for around $15. Idk how much that is in Euros.

  2. says

    I did most of my sales shopping in Space NK this year! Bought the Nude cleansing oil (since its cheaper than my current RMK at the moment, will give it a try), Lipstick Queen and SK brushes.
    Space NK SAs are pretty hit and miss.. some of them are really lovely but some of them just stare at each other when you ask them a question, and am pretty sure they were gonna hide all the brushes when they found out most of the SK ones were now £5