Like Nana Made it: Shills Grandma Magic Ointment

How could I not indulge when I saw a extremely cute little potted ointment endorsed by Grandma herself?

This little tub (10ml) of ointment comes from Shills, a brand I have been trying out lately. This was inexpensive (about £3) so I thought it would be worth a go.

As soon as I got it – I was surprised. Shills is an Asian brand, so why is the Granny on the front clearly a western Grandma?

grandma ointment shills.jpg

I started to feel inadequate. My grandma is absolutely tremendous, an amazing human being but she looks nothing like this. She’s grumpy as hell and is a dab hand with the meat cleaver.

Here is the tin of ointment. Its SMALL, you know, tidgy sized. Don’t think you will be slathering this on anytime soon.

Shills Grandma Ointment The skin care.jpg

Inside the tin is a green, herbal scented balm.

Apparently this is a Lithospermum ointment with Lavender and Lemongrass. Its supposed to keep insects away and is good for bites, reducing swelling and itching.

It can also be used as a scented balm, for relaxation on the pressure points or for massage.

But let me get back to the point of Grandmas….

…in a moment.

This balm is best saved then for when I am outdoors and when I am travelling since it is a great repellent for insects.

shills grandma ointment-1.jpg

Here I’m using it on my cuticles. Its got the same texture as a lot of balms – it melts easily with a bit of warmth and rubs in quite easily.

shills grandma ointment-2.jpg


shills grandma ointment.jpg

Quite simple ingredients – its a nice little product though and I quite like the scent – its one of those that makes you feel less sick on a horrible journey or soothes you when you like have a migraine.


What does everyone Grandma or Nana look like anyway?

Mostly like:

1) The regal, posh type – has lots of money but still gives you £1 at Christmas

queen liz.jpg

2) The Sporty Type – is probably still bonking too

exercise gran.jpg

3) Like Norman Bates’ mother – slightly dead but still scary

old gran.jpg

4) Strong and tough – with a propensity to violence

gran gun.jpg

I’d go for number 4.

The Shills Grandma Queen is from eBay, quite a few sellers.

Price is around £3 – £5.

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