Lightweight, Nourished hair: Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I haven’t used Pantene shampoo for yonks…

In my search for so called ‘natural’ haircare, I have pretty much shunned a lot of high street shampoo and conditioners.

So I really wasn’t sure if this Pantene Aqua Light range would be for me. It’s a very nice looking collection, mind, but I just wasn’t too sure…


But what is the idea behind the Aqua Light range? They say:

Every woman wishes for lightweight healthy looking hair that has the ‘swish.’ The new Aqua Light products contain revolutionary ingredients developed to nourish the hair without weighing it down. This sophisticated composition balances the ratio of conditioning to lightness, resulting in a clean but nourished feeling.

The range consists of:

Lightweight Nourishing Shampoo

Lightweight Nourishing Conditioner

Lightweight Nourishing Treatment (leave in for 2-3 minutes)

Lightweight Nourishing Mist (use on wet or dry hair for hydration. Bottle needs a good shake).

The range is especially good for fine hair which is easily weighed down. That’s not really my hair type (I think!) but nevertheless I gave it a go.


I am so glad I did. This range is really really excellent.

Seriously, I get a lot of high street shampoos and conditioners to test and they seldom do much on my hair – and it’s not because I am being a snob, it’s just because I’m scared of it having an adverse reaction with my sensitive scalp.

Shampoo Ingredients:


It is so weird using a shampoo with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in it – it’s so foamy! When you use a non-SLS shampoo you get use to having less foam and a less ‘glidey’ feeling. I also think those shampoos are harder to get used to because your hair will look drier and frizzier.

So using this kind of shampoo after so long was weird. It was quick to foam, and rinsed out easily leaving my hair feeling clean and not too dry or knotted.

Conditioner Ingredients:


Pantene conditioners are very good – my hairdresser actually uses one of their intensive conditioners he found in the pound shop because once you put it in your hair it takes about 10 seconds for it to become knot free.

I found this was a pretty good conditioner which has made my hair feel softer, shiny and easy to brush.

Also – a lot lot lot less frizz.


My primary concern after using this range was whether my scalp would punish me by going really itchy – but amazingly enough – it hasn’t. It feels great and my hair is a lot softer and shinier than before and feels quite ‘light’ too.

I saw this in Boots last week at 50% off – not sure if this is still the case but either way, this range is well worth trying.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the review – I’ve heard a lot of good things about this new range so I may have to give it a go too! Do you have any idea why the big shampoo bottle is 500ml but the big conditioner bottle is only 400ml? I find it quite annoying that the conditioner bottle is smaller than the shampoo as I tend to run out of conditioner first!

    • Row says

      Ooh no idea but that’s daft. I ALWAYS use conditioner up first (I have about 30% shampoo left usually when I’ve already finished the conditioner!)

  2. liloo says

    Now, i’ve read a few reviews about this but it’s yours which really appealed to me and make me want to buy it. very very tempted!

  3. sandra whelan says

    I too like yourself was a little sceptical of this product, having a sensitive scalp also tended to steer away from these type of brands. It is half price at Sainsburys at the moment, so I bought the whole range to try, and wow! was I surprised. It is really lightweight but conditions beautifully, and my hair is so soft. The Lightweight nourishing mist is a godsend. Untangles knotted hair in seconds and leaves your hair feeling soft and silky and manageable.
    This is a must for me now, in fact back off to sainsburys to stock up while its half price!!!

  4. hermione says

    this shampoo DOS NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i tried it, it works as a normal shampoo and smells quite nice, but my hair has never been heavier!!! i always experiment with shampoos and conditioners, and i usually find that herball essences are my favourite brand of shampoo and conditioners. DO NOT BUY THIS SHAMPOO IF YOU WANT LIGHT HAIR!!!!!

    • Row says

      Oh I have to disagree with you here, I think this worked a treat…whereas my scalp can’t tolerate Herbal Essences at all…I do think the treatment conditioner for the Pantente is a little heavier than the normal one though but it works for me

  5. d.j. says

    For all of you that think this is a natural shampoo, please look up each ingredient. Being a former cancer survivor, I do not put any chemicals on my body. I use all natural products on my hair. Several ingredients in this shampoo and conditioner are seriously bad for you. Your hair may feel great but accumulation of these chemicals into your brain and body while taking a shower will cause problems later and you will lose your hair to chemo and radiation anyway. With love and concern, d.j.