Lighten those armpits! Bison Wakilala Under Arm Wash and Essence Toner Review

Quite a lot of ladies, if not all, will notice that their armpits, after many years of shaving, look darker than it used to be – some women have very dark pits and this can make wearing sleeveless clothes a little uncomfortable.

Whilst I don’t have dark pits I do get ingrown hair and sometimes, they can grow into painful small lumps – not nice. For that reason I bought this Bison Wakilala (what else could it possibly be called?!) range which is made specially for arm pits!

Bison Wakilala Under Arm Wash and Essence Toner

I laughed when I first saw these products, thinking – who the hell would use these? But in fact they are brilliant little products if you suffer from any pit-issues! Such as the dark skin, such as ingrown hair, such as itchy bumpy skin.

The product is the tube is the arm pit wash…This wash treats the armpits and also helps control odour.

It contains AHA and BHAs, and little scrubby bits which help exfoliate. However you can’t use this right after shaving because of the acid content.

Bison Wakilala Under Arm Wash and Essence Toner Swatch

The other product is the Essence Toner – you use this like you would with a face toner but on the arm pits. Once again this clears away dead skin leaving you with a really smooth skin and less ingrown hairs.

I’ve used these products together once a week for a month now and they are fab! You can use them on your feet too for a treat but I’ve noticed my arm pits are super smooth, a bit brighter and also free of those horrible little bumps.

I will say that you need to be careful your skin isn’t too delicate and I wouldn’t use it for 2 days after shaving or waxing. That way you’ll avoid any itchies too.


Well worth trying. I got mine from eBay for about £9 each.

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  1. Jen says

    Wacky lala 😀 I love the name of Japanese products! I also love how they actually have a specific product targeted for armpits!