Light Pink YSL Lipstick disaster!

So there I was digging my new YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick – it does have the most pigmented dreamy texture okay? The colour in question is a soft, baby pink, the kind I thought would be rocking with a smokey eye.

I did a smokey eye with Nars Kyoto Pencil (oh how I love) and star sailor (wasn’t bothered about it, now love it).

I applied it and as we were in the car in the morning, I turn to the boyf and say, “Hey do you like my lipstick?”

Without a moment of hesitation or censorship he burst into laughter. Like this:

Except he’s not as cute and therefore deserves a slap.

“What’s wrong with it”

“Eeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr nothing?”

Normally unaffected by what other people think I found myself checking and checking the lipstick from all angles. In the end I blotted and applied some Chanel Big Bang on top for a bit more pigment.

You see maybe I thought I looked like this:

But I probably looked like this:

Coco the clown.  J-Lo has a thing for hideous lipsticks that are way to pale for her olive complexion.  There’s a good nude that isn’t actually lighter than your natural lip and pale nudes in candy coloured pinks that just look odd.  Look in the mirror.  You KNOW you look you better with a bit of pigment..

Another bad nude example:

Yuk.  See how the light baby pink makes her moustache stand out?

Lindsay’s lips look like mine when I’ve been eating super spicy thai food and I go blotchy around my lips (but I’d eat it again!).  No definition…

Good nudes IMO are:

This is very light, but its a nice beige flesh tone as opposed to a candy pink

Queen Angelina always does the nude lip.  This is pale but a lovely peach/shell/skin tone.

What do you think?  Do you love nudes?

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  1. says

    Aww that sucks about the colour, esp when it was in such a cute case! I have that problem with most nude colours – they make me look lifeless. I love Angelina’s peach colour in that picture though.

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu!

    Yeh I was a bit misguided here I think but nevermind. Angelinas colour is so perfect, i have to find it!