Light as air! B&C Labs Candy Floss Facial Top Coat Powder Review

B&C is another Japanese company that I really like – they have so many interesting sub brands and make a lot of innovative beauty products.

Clear Last is a range of theirs that makes a lot of base products such as primers and powders.

I purchased their Clear Floss Powder because the name reminded me of Candy Floss:


This powder is a top coat powder and interestingly doesn’t contain any talc. It works particularly well with the B&C labs BB cream (which I don’t have because most BB creams are too light for my skintone). Nevertheless I have been looking for a talc free setting powder (that’s NOT a mineral one) for a while….This top coat powder comes in ‘fair mist’ but it is quite translucent:


My loose powders last an age so I don’t mind that you get just 6g in the container. Used sparingly I still think it would last a while.

This powder is supposed to set make up, hide pores and give a soft, radiant finish. The first ingredient in this powder is Silica which makes the texture similar to HD face powder.


The holes are huge in this! If you can cover half of it up with sticky tape because far too much product comes out.

This powder smells just lovely – there’s actually 3 types of flower extract in this and it has a delicate, fresh scent which isn’t overpowering or sickly.


I do think that if you apply too much of this (such as with the sponge) it can leave a pale cast on this skin. Used sparingly though, it is fine and dusts away to give a invisible finish.

On the skin:


Dusted away – it is invisible:



Overall I am really happy with this fixing powder. There is ZERO coverage if you use this powder, it will not warm the skin up or anything like that but it gives a little bit of pore coverage and is invisible, leaving no chalkiness behind.

It gives a good 6 hours of oil control although I’m not sure if it would work that well on very oily skin.

I bought this from for about £8.

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  2. Jasmine says

    Did you use a brush for this or did you sort of, rub the sponge on the holes until it was just a thin coat of powder left before dabbing?