Let me have a geek moment: Moleskine release The Hobbit notebooks!

I am a notebook ADDICT to the point that we are presently (very slowly) having a clear out and I have around 3 crates of notebooks; unused, half used, randomly used. It’s a terrible situation but I have to confess; I just love a nice notebook.

Moleskine limited editions have been around for a while now, I always get a new pocket sized one every time a new design comes out (last one I got was the Cassette).  I have tried other notebooks but Moleskine are my favourite because they aren’t to pretty to really scribble in. 

Anyway, I had been SWORN OFF buying any more new notebooks unless absolutely necessary; well, this was absolutely necessary:

Hobbit notebook

Yep – Moleskine have a new The Hobbit range out – so far I can see the standard releases, 2 pocket and 2 large sizes, in ruled and lined. There is a burgundy cover for the ruled books and a black cover for the plain. At the moment they have 1-3 weeks delivery times on Amazon, but the pocket lined is not in stock at all (boo hiss – this is my standard go to.  You can find it on other sites though and I just found one on eBay at a discount too. Score! 

Now let me compose myself.  

Are you a notebook fan? Or do you prefer a good old chip shop wrapper for your notes?

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  1. says

    I am a notebook fan. I have about 5 within 6 feet of me, and they’re crammed in drawers and cupboards. I don’t think I’ve finished one since I was at school. The thrill of writing in a virgin notebook is wonderful and I love a good sniff of the pages before I start. I’m also a HUGE LOTR fan so these are going on my (never ending) wishlist. xx

    • Row says

      Hey Leah

      I KNOW! I absolutely love peeling back the cellophane and writing in the blank pages (but never the first – a weird quirk I have)! I can’t wait to get this one in the post!