Let it Go! The Frozen Make Up Collection by Peripera, Tap Tap Eyeshadows & Liner Kit Review – Part 1

If I knew how much Frozen was going to infect my life I would never have watched the damn cartoon in the first place, never mind encouraged Baby H to sing the songs with me (we duet, you know?).  3 Olaf plushes and endless repeats of the soundtrack later, I thought I was totally DONE with the cartoon.  

But then look…Frozen gets everyone in the end.  I spotted this cute make up collection by Korean mid-end brand, Peripera  on eBay and I couldn’t resist purchasing nearly everything from the collection, apart from the base items, as Korean powder and foundation is nearly always too light and chalky for me. So here it is;

The Frozen Make Up Collection by Peripera

In total, I bought 3 nail polishes, 2 lip tints, 2 eyeshadow palettes and the eyeliner set. All of the colours appealed to me in some way (one palette being a violet/purple set and the other being a brown/orange one).  I have split the posts into three!

Let’s look at the eyeshadow kits first…

Peripera’s Frozen eyeshadow palettes are called Tap Tap 3 Eyes, and come in Let is Go (Elsa) and I’m Happy Kristoff (Anna).  Each palette come with 3 colours in generous sized discs, a so-so sponge applicator and a mirror.  The packaging is very sweet for a Frozen fan. 

The Frozen Make Up Collection by Peripera Eyeshadows Review

Am I the only person that thought Elsa was a KNOCKOUT when she transformed into the Ice Queen type character? Yes ok, it’s a cartoon. But that dress! Her hair! Her make up! Her make up is a very pretty lavender-lilac in the cartoon which I think is very flattering on lighter skin tones. 

The colours in BOTH palettes are shimmery, but not quite metallic, but very shimmery and prone to a little fall out.  When you use the sponge applicator be aware that there’s a bit of…what’s the term? Puff up? When the powder dusts up quite easily and goes everywhere – that.  

The Frozen Make Up Collection by Peripera Eyeshadows Review

The colours in this palette are a pale icy-pink highlighter shade, a warm toned purple and a deeper blue based purple. I would’ve picked more of a lavender in lieu of the warmer purple, as they’re not my bag (but I love cool purples) but the palette does actually work (a Elsa look coming up in the next post). 
Pigmentation for this palette and the Anna one are the same – they’re sheer to medium. I wish they had more instant impact, but they’re more medium than that.  Don’t be disappointed though, as some of the colours look better sheer (like the base colour) and the deeper shades can be built up. 
The Frozen Make Up Collection by Peripera Eyeshadows Review 1
The warm middle purple looks pink but it is still to me a purpley-pink. 
Tap Tap Eyes in I’m Happy Kristoff:
Tap Tap Eyes in I m Happy Kristoff peripera frozen
I love purples but Anna’s palette is the more ‘wearable’ one with a brown in there. I personally love orange eyeshadow so I am all for that although some may find it scary. There’s also a frosty white which looks pretty as a base or highlight because it’s quite sheer. 
Tap Tap Eyes in I m Happy Kristoff peripera frozen 1
The texture in Anna’s palette is slightly better than Elsa’s (somewhat smoother) but not hugely so, in case that is a deciding factor for you and you are picking between the two:
Tap Tap Eyes in I m Happy Kristoff peripera frozen 2
Tap Tap Eyes in I m Happy Kristoff peripera frozen 3
The brown shade is lovely and creamy, with hints of gold. The other two shades are not as pigmented but once on the eye, they are nice. 
There there is the Deep Liner Kit, which is a set of 5 small pencils (not mini!) with a sharpener.  These kits are quite common with Korean brands, and are really good for people starting out their make up kits (how often do you finish an eye pencil that isn’t black anyway?!). 
Periperia Wholly deep Liner kit Frozen Review
The tin is very sweet and it’s a nice size to keep bits and bobs in after you’ve used the pencils:
Periperia Wholly deep Liner kit Frozen Review 1
There are 5 shades – black, brown, purple, burgundy and a shimmery white. All of the shades have a slight shimmer/sheen to them, and the white is quite glittery on closer inspection. The kit itself is quite a nice set, black and brown are ever useful, and the purple and burgundydy I think are quite modern and wearable with other colours. 
Periperia Wholly deep Liner kit Frozen Review 2
Periperia Wholly deep Liner kit Frozen Review 3
The texture of the pencils is good, they are creamy, soft, easy to apply and I had no issue using them on the top of my lid or on my waterline, which is rare.  I would buy these pencils individually too, so they are excellent quality and also like typical Korean eye pencils very long lasting – I mean I swatched these days ago and after numerous showers they still aren’t completely coming off my hand!
Come back to see the looks I did with these kits.  The eyeshadows at first, I was a bit bleb as I didn’t think they were that pigmented but they wear nicely on the eye and also are weirdly long lasting even with no primer.  Same for the eyeliners, which are a handy size for my carry around make up bag too.
So it’s not just a cute kit to look at, it’s actually a very nice collection of make up from Peripera! Well done!
Next up are some Magic Glam lip tint swatches! 
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