Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanilla Chocolat Eau De Parfum & Chocolat Range Review

I have really been taking much more notice of fragrance in this last year and reading up on the topic (I have a great book I am going to review soon) as I feel like I am now at the age where I can really appreciate a good scent.  

Les Senteurs Gourmandes has caught my eye before when I’ve browsed the Marks and Spencer Beauty Hall (pretty impressive brands M&S have called in I think) and I love the way the brand looks and the fact they are alcohol free. 

Les Senteurs Gourmandes is from a French beauty house (Laboratoire Laurence Dumont) offering lovely scents at a decent price.  

Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanilla Chocolat Eau De Parfum Chocolat Range Review

Their vanilla based fragrances are perfect for these darker autumn and winter nights, no?  I have always been a fan of vanilla scents (home and body) and find it very comforting, although vanilla on it’s own, I find somewhat child like  That’s why these Gourmand scents (warm, sweet fragrances with edible ‘notes’) are quite interesting to me…

Les Senteurs has 14 (yes 14) Gourmand, Vanilla based perfumes.  To name a few, Vanille Orientale, Vanille Chocolat, Vanilla Noire, Vanille Patchouli and so on.  They all sound yummy!

I have a few here to review. 

In a full size I have Vanille Chocolat;

Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanilla Chocolat Eau De Parfum Chocolat Range Review 2

Vanille Chocolat contains notes of Tobacco Vanilla (each scent varies on the type of vanilla), chocolate and honey.  

It took me just a moment to realise what this scent really reminds me of – Thierry Mugler Angel! It completely utterly reminds me of this scent, with the sweetness of vanilla, and that that sort of smokey chocolate note.  I can smell to ‘tobacco’ element of the vanilla too, something which stops the scent being too sweet and I’d say it’s far less overpowering than Angel, in that I personally find that that scent can hit you between the eyes (surprise, surpriseeee!) a little bit too much.  This scent, I find fades nicely to not be too sickly or in your face with the chocolate. 

I also have (although you can’t tell from the photo – duh) – 


Another one I thought I’d like is Orientale, which has notes of Toffee, Indian Vanilla, White Musk and Ylang-Ylang.

This one is a lighter scent than Chocolat, and it’s got a sweet floral edge which I find very comforting – I can really smell the toffee which is almost like a soft piece of fudge, and the Ylang-Ylang, which makes it very pleasant. I can’t smell anything sharp, smoky, or jarring in this scent (if that makes sense)…no surprises, just a really wearable sweet scent, this one. 


The vanilla in this one is pretty strong but once it fades away, I could smell the other notes; anise and coconut (it also contains bourbon, Madagascan vanilla).  The coconut becomes quite prominent once the initial scents fade away and I quite like this one – it has a tropical edge to it that reminds me of summer, but the nights…yes, summer nights on the beach. 


This is a spicy scent containing cinnamon, bitter almond and precious wood.  This one is based on madeleines, and freshly based sponge cakes.  This is the spiciest scent of all the ones I tried, and once the scent fades, I could really smell the bitter orange peel  and a hint of cinnamon. It really does smell like a rich sponge cake infused with orange, but with a slightly smokey wooden touch…imagine that cake in front of a log fire type of thing.  Of all the scents, this one painted the most clear imagery in my head…I guess it just had a rich depth to it. 

Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanilla Chocolat Eau De Parfum Chocolat Range Review 1

On a side note, if you get a selection of these samplers, there’s nothing on the actual sample which tells you which scent it is, so you’ll need to mark it or keep it with the cardboard which is what I had to do to make sure I didn’t mix it up for the review! 


These scents are EDPs and lasted pretty well on my skin and clothes, 5 hours at least.  I really like the subtle differences between some of these scents and how there are so many variations on something as simple as vanilla.  I also think 100ml for £22.50 is a great price, as sometimes £50 a pop for a new scent is just a little too steep. 

I hope my perfume descriptions aren’t too bad, I am slowly learning more and more about scents and how they are put together! 

See the range here (scents are £22.50 for 100ml). 

*PR Sample

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