Lemming!: Sofina Beauté Skincare

Its lemming time! The Sofina Beauté skincare range has been around for a while now, but I have never tried it as its pretty expensive (about £30 for the face cream and wrinkle essence for example). But my goodness! Look at the pretty pretty packaging:

sofina beaute.jpg

Payday treat? Oh yes. I want the cleanser, lotion, wrinkle essence and cream.

But I need some help from any Japanese language experts – what does this mean? I am guessing its for different skin types?


What do you think girls? Would you buy skincare based on the pretty, pretty packaging?

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  1. Yup, it’s for different skin types – it indicates the degree of moisture. A rough translation:
    I – refreshing (light)
    II – slightly moist
    III – moist
    IIII – very moist

  2. Pretty packaging is something I take into account- but the fragrance for me is the ‘coup-de-coeur’

  3. I heard good things about the wrinkle essence! Row, will you indulge? =D

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