Lemming: Cle De Peau Intensifying Cream Eyeliner

If this eyeliner was a man, it would be Wentworth Miller, but straight.

If this eyeliner were a meal, it would be a thick slice of kobe beef, cooked to perfection with a dollop of rice on the side.

It this was a handbag, it would be a Chanel 2.55 Reissue in metallic grey.

If this eyeliner was…ok I’ll stop now.

Cle De Peau is so expensive it make me want to punch a hole in the wall. But it is so lush.

Cle?dePeauSpring2009IntensifyingCreamEyeliner.jpg (JPEG Image, 262x349 pixels).jpg

Cle De Peau Intensifying Cream Eyeliner caught my eye from the moment I saw it. Since then I have been dying for it but I can’t find it for less than $50 any where.

They say:

• This cream-type eyeliner exquisitely defines eyes as it glides on softly and smoothly.
• Waterproof ingredients and polymers create intense color without unevenness or smudging and maintains a long lasting perfect finish.
• Easily creates both fine and bold lines without smudging over time.
• Includes a retractable brush for effortless application.

Key Ingredients:
• Exclusive Clé de Peau Beauté advanced moisturizing ingredient Hydro-Wrap Complex.
• Argan Tree Oil for smooth application and wear.

Firstly what I do know is that the tub is plastic – for $50?! Are they mad?!

Secondly, the texture is cream but to me, the Bobbi Brown Gel Liners (especially the dark ones like black) are so soft they are creamy anyway. And that is a lot cheaper than this eyeliner.

Thirdly, a black eyeliner looks like….a black eyeliner. A brown eyeliner looks like a brown eyeliner. Unless its infused with crushed flawless diamonds, I am thinking other brands will just work just as well.

But like a pair of shiny lycra tights, I know its wrong but I still want it. What should I do? Buy or not to buy?

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  1. MMT says

    omg, it’s so pretty… but OMG IT’S SO EXPENSIVE! Don’t do it :( it’s too expensive, especially if you have a good cream liner already/

    • Row says

      Hey MMT

      True true, I have just photographed my entire cream eyeliner drawer and there’s already more than I could ever use up :)

  2. says


    A black eyeliner is just a black eyeliner (your are damn right about that.)

    I avoid spending money on stuff in normal shades…I’ve got a pot of a $6 Jane (drugstore brand) gel liner and I wonder if Stila ($20) would make a better basic…

    They are just black lines on my eyes…really (except the $6 one is inkier and longer lasting…) I wouldn’t mind getting a shiny lycra tights, though.

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      Its true. I don’t buy ultra expensive brands when it comes to normal shades, like white, beige, black. I think something that costs £££ should have something special about it!

  3. says

    lol I know the feeling….but yeah wait for a bargain :) Unless you can see yourself reaching for this everyday .

  4. dreamie says

    lol… I love your descriptions…but until I read your review, I thought wentworth miller was straight >.< argh, another one lost~

  5. Mme_M says

    I have it, and LOVE it. The tub is plastic but it’s blue-blackyness dazzles me. True, way too expensive though. I would wait for a bargain!