Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette Review & Swatches

Mr C gifted me with this Laura Mercier palette for Christmas called Bonne Mine (exclusive to Selfridges).

It is a thick cardboard palette with 5 products in it. They say:

This ultra-sheer, blendable palette wakes up the skin and gives it an immediate, healthy glow. Customize your look with bronzer, cheek color, and glow for a natural “no makeup” radiance. Inside, there are tabs that fan out to display Laura’s secrets on how to best use the formulas to create standout results.


You get a large bronzer veil, two cheek veils and two ‘glow’ veils.

The palette is very pretty but also bulky and annoying to store. I would never carry this around to me, it’s far too big. It is very sturdy though.


It comes with a large mirror and a piece of plastic. I quite like these shades although they are quite similar; bronzy type shades. It’s a palette that’s supposed to wake up the face, which I guess these colours (bronze, peach and oyster) do, even though none of the shades on their own are that interesting.


I love cream products so I like these. These are ‘veils’ so as you can imagine, pretty sheer. On my medium tones skin, they show up ok – if you are darker than me (I am about NC35) then I’m not sure they would look particularly pigmented.




The two glow products are quite light work well as highlighters. The pink is not as bright as it looks and the deep rose is more of a brown-rose. The bronze veil is pigmented but a bit orange for my liking. It’s like a creamier oilier version of Bronze Universel.


I do like this product and at the end of the day it’s a handy gift I will use in the future. It’s just not too practical in presentation and the colours aren’t madly interesting as singularly but ok as a group.

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  1. says

    Arg! I’ve been trying to find this everywhere! I think it’s sold out now. Darn.

    I’m NC35 too, & I thought it would be handy too, nothing out there, just.. Everyday, & easy.

  2. Jan says

    I am never really sure about LM, the colours are always a bit too warm for me, there is a hint of the terracotta along the same line as any BB that I try, and that just clashes with my thread veins. But the palette itself is well designed and the products look a decent size. Thanks for this. Jan x

  3. says

    That’s so sweet of him to get you this!

    The colors are pretty, but nothing too special. Basic but nice contouring/highlighting colors.

  4. says

    I desperately want one.. I know ill never use it but I think the combination is perfect for winter looks and paler skin!!

    • Row says

      Hi Tali

      It’s weird, suddenly loads of people I know have been asking me about it! Were there limited stocks?!