Laura Gellar Smoke Signals Kit

Shopping at QVC in England is like admitting that you buy your knickers from Netto. People laugh at you openly if you admit you buy stuff from any home shopping network, unless you are –

a. Called Ethel or Beryl

b. Have always been one of those “queer types”

c. Are a known hermit

Luckily I am all three. So I had was like a kitten in a room full of mice when Laura Geller’s show came on last Sunday.

Damn QVC and their special value offers. Damn them and their ‘Oh, oh…I hear it is fast approaching limited stock’ tactics.

I have five lots coming from Laura –

Smoke Signals from “Laura’s Lessons”

This set includes Stormwatch split baked eyeshadow (1.8g), Dazzle powder eyeliner pencil (1g), Creamy Black mascara (9g) and Nice ‘n’ Nude lipstick (3.4g). Price £18.77, plus £3.45 shipping.

Lip Makeover –

Includes Lip Strip (a scrub) and Lip Love (gloss and balm).

And the today’s special value –

There’s Balance ‘n’ Brighten (9g), a colour correcting powder with a new formula; Blush ‘n’ Brighten (9g) in the new sunswept shade (golden peach / brown); Baked Marble Eyeshadow (1.8g) in pink icing (soft pink) and devil’s food (golden brown); Baked Cake Eyeliner (1.8g) in plum pudding (deep plum) and black forest (soft black) – a creamy formula launching in the UK today; black mascara (9g) and two brushes. Price – £29.94.

Face your Future:

Moisture Compound SPF 30, a daily moisturiser formulated with nurturing shea butter, the Spackle trio, containing Spackle under make-up primer (25ml), lip spackle (2.5g) giving a smooth, even base for lipstick and eye spackle (2.5g) and Beauty Dews Luminizer trio in icy, rosy and sunny (8.5g).

Get Glowing Set –

Includes Liquid candlelight (9.5g), ethereal rose baked powder (9g) and a kabuki brush. £21.77 (hmph, whats with the stupid pricing?!)

What is good about QVC is they have more of an American approach to returns (although postage is not free – and postage is EXPENSIVE when ordering, £4 per package on average, even though they could stuff it all into one box. Hmph.)

Anyway back to the mission at hand. The first of the bunch arrived yesterday – Smoked Signals. This was my ‘crazeee’ purchase, where the thought of the items going into ‘limited’ stocks forced my fingers into ordering.

Here’s the kit –

The instructional card –

The kit –

Nude Lippie –

Baked 2 sided eyeshadow –

So I followed the instructions – kind of. We all have our own way of applying smokey eyes, right?

The mascara is fine. The brush is great and it is very good at separating, but as I have awkward lashes, it is no good at holding curl so for me, its not something I would use day to day.

Eyeliner – a black eyeliner is just a black eyeliner, right? Well I wasn’t especially expecting to like this but I do. I can see how there is a powder element to it; it smudges nicely and applies quite easily. Like it!

Eyeshadow – These are soft and easy to apply. I wasn’t sure if just two colours was enough for me to get a sophisticated smokey look – I like shades, graduation, you know? You can apply the dark shade with a heavy eye or apply lightly for a soft grey effect.

Lipstick – Laura said this shade was always sold out at her shop in New York..that maybe a lie, I don’t know but it made me pick up the phone so it worked. At first I didn’t like it – I have a ton of nudes and this one is very light, very flesh toned and seems to bring out the redness around my lips. It also has a slightly metallic sheen to it which I wasn’t sure about. But as I’ve had the colour on for longer, it has warmed to my skin and I like it a whole lot more. The metallic makes it look more modern. I don’t like the old school waxy smell of the lipstick though.

My interpretation –

Yes, I had just trimmed my fringe in the bathroom with some shears, I was having a britney moment. There’s probably little hairs on my eyeball.

I thought about sending it back because on first glance, there isn’t much va-va-voom to this kit but as I’ve worn it for a few hours, I’ve realised the set is good quality, and at £18.77 is a great price for four items, and it creates a sexy smokey eye without too much procrastination.

So overall, I do like it and shall keep it for when I want to keep it simple.

Recommended! I wonder how the other items will turn out….

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  1. Askmewhats says

    your smokey eyes looks fierce! and the nude lippy is perfect on your eye make up! so love it :)

  2. MandyPandy says

    I’m not crazy about the lipstick (though I suspect it only looks that way in the photo), but the eyeshadow looks amazing on you! You’ve really applied it with a deft hand.

    Overall, Laura Gellar’s baked powders are amazing, on par with, (if not better than) MAC’s MSFs. My favorite colors are the Ethereal Rose Baked Powder and the Roseberry blush. Liquid Candlelight is nice too, but it’s very, very subtle.

  3. Row says

    Hey Mandy

    the lipstick took me sometime to like. It really isnt, despite what Laura says, a day to day nude, no way. it is TOO nude, TOO sheeny to be everyday. To me its quite a dramatic nudey. Something with a bit more warmth would be better for day to day.

    Ooh i can’t wait for my new arrivals. Especially the special value has two baked powders :)

    Some of the QVC ranges are just shiteous – to be honest I am always disappointed with Smashbox, ALWAYS end up returning to selling off AND, I always order Models Prefer which is also lame. But laura gellar, I can see where the quality is (apart from the Spackle, urgh)

  4. yummy411 says

    LOL @ you being all three of those characteristics!

    great look! you look just like the ad! very pretty.

    interesting to hear your view on smashbox as well…. great marketing etc, but i’m also underwhelmed by them and their products. blech!

  5. Row says

    Hey Yummy

    Yeah thats the thing – great marketing, on par with MAC etc. etc. but I seriously dislike all the Smashbox stuff I own (I kept the Tokidoki collection as its very cute) but apart from that – meh to everything!

    *mental note, must sell it off*

    Glad you liked the look!