Laura Gellar Haul Feedback!

So a week or two ago I got suckered in like a sucker to buy not one, not two, but five Laura Geller Sets from QVC.

All have arrived and I have had a chance to road test then to see what is worth keeping and what isn’t.

Smoke Signals:

Surprisingly, I really liked this set a lot. The eyeshadow is soft, the lipstick is a retro nude, the mascara isn’t for me although it would work if you didnt have stick straight lashes and the powder pencil is soft and smudgy. Overall, it got a good look, and presented great value as a set.

Verdit: KEEPER!

Get Glowing Set:

Hmm. Ethereal Rose is lovely – its nice on the cheeks, its nice all over for a soft pink glow. The kabuki brush is so – so not very soft but nice and hard. Liquid candelight gives a nice radiant look but it is subtle. Hmm. I don’t know if I would reach for it since I have Armanis illuminator.

Verdict: Unsure. I like ethereal rose so maybe I will keep it just for that.

Face the Future:

Pffft. Now I like the look of the moisure compound but I got creams coming out of my ears. The trio is….dated? You know what I mean. A highlighter, check. Bronzer. Check. Rose. Check. I don’t think I would necessarily every feel the need to reach for this trio.

The spackle trio. I wanted to love this so much! Its so handy after all but – Spackle for the face is gross. Its like rubbing your face in lard. Eye spackle is very very light – I don’t know how black ladies are supposed to use it without looking like racoons. I tested it today and nope – my eyeshadow creased in a few hours. Lip spackle. A concealer shade – I normally like nude but this totally blanched out my lips and my gloss didn’t show over it.

Verdict: RETURN!


A scrub and lip gloss/balm. The scrub is nice but not grainy enough if you ask me. You have to really work at it and I didnt notice any dead skin coming off – I prefer a bit more of a proper scrub but I liked the peppermint. The balm is a gimmicky balk and closs combined. I love the gimmick. The product is………ok. Its just ok.

Verdict: Mmmm not sure yet. If kitties have chewed up the box, I’ll keep it.

Finally – todays special value:

This is a great kit. 2 baked face powders – the bronze is great, and altho I am not fond of the plum on the eyeshadow liner pot, I still like the black side. The brushes are handy. I am not keen at all on the dated red lipgloss, and the mascara does nothing for me tho it does come in a very cute tube. This was about £29 which is great value!

Verdict: Keeper, of course!

What do you guys think about Laura Geller. Overall I think her ranges are great but some products are a little dated. I love the baked powders a lot but I think the spackle is crapalicious. Well, you can’t have everything!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Oh, sweety: pretty much everything Laura Gellar sells is crapaliscous, excepting the baked powders/ eyeshadows.

  2. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    i haven’t tried LG yet but the only thing that would interest me are the baked powders. Ethereal Rose sounds tempting…

  3. Row says

    Mand –

    Geez. She sells it all so well tho, u have to give it to her! At least QVC offer money back! todays special value was best thing out of the lot!

  4. Row says

    Hey Blu

    It is lovely. i still dont know if I will keep it to be honest though…