Latest In Beauty

Latest in is a website based in the UK, where you can sign up and choose a free sample, one in skincare, one cosmetic and one body. It is free to join but costs £1 for post and packing and you pay this through your mobile phone.

Here is the box I ordered – a pretty pink box:


The idea is that after you have tested, you can write a little review for them.

I chose a Blinc Mascara, a face mask and a nano gold eye cream.

The sample of the eye cream was so small there is no way I could write a real review of it. Blinc mascara I already been there, done that! But the website has limited stocks so this was all they had left at the time. The face mask is a sheet one, and was a pretty good choice.

It is a service well worth a play although I don’t see how they can get real reviews on the items, since there isn’t enough for more that 2 days application (in terms of the creams). Nevertheless its £1 so what is there to lose!

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  1. Askmewhats says

    wow..the pink box is beautiful!! hehe i’m so into pinks :) but that’s a good packaging :)

  2. R says

    Hi Anon – Blinc is ok. I used it years ago when it was the only masara that didnt run on me. However there is no va-va-voom – not special lenthening, no special volume. The good thing is that it doesnt come off and removes quite well with water – there are a lot of Japanese mascaras taht will do that for less.