Lash Haul Prawn: Girls with attitude Lashes

Because we don’t want the wrong kind of crowd hanging out here, we have Lash Haul PRAWNS (not Porn….damn, I said it).

I am getting better with my lash application (honest) so check out my new haul (I will use them in my next look) from Girls with Attitude (from Asos):


I hope these don’t end up being a tear stained, glue smothered mess like my other lashes:


I know, very showgirl…..


What’s your favourite lash glue? I use DUO, I also have Shu Uemura’s which make my eyes sting:


Any recommendations?

Ahh, good old naturals:


Hope that’s enough prawn for you (har har). I’ll work through my bag of new stuff tomorrow, yippee!

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  1. The blue one looks fantabulous!!!

  2. Hey, can you do a review for nivea silhouette body lotion?

  3. Grace London says:

    I do like falsies – I am about 20% Vegas Showgirl, genetically I think. I can use the Shu glue, but it is quite strong. I’ve just got some lashes from Illamasqua with glue but I’ve not tried it out yet.

    • Hey Grace!

      LOVE IT! I do have a Vegas Showgirl side for sure. I am ok with Duo, Shu is painful for me! Ouch! And I find it still a bit white when it dries (its probably just me right!)

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